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Been a fan of anime for roughly about 10 years and the first anime I watched was pretty much the dubbed version of Inuyasha.  Ater some years passed watching more subbed anime my tastes conformed to mainly being interested in themes and settings that have leaned towards the cynical side. Although that's what I'm typically into I can appreciate any kind of story as long as it provides a solid plot or characters I care about. I can be a fan of the occasional great comedy even if there isn't much of a plot, it all really depends. Genres I'm just not all that into are ecchi,harem,romance(usually) and slice of life. Favourite genres I love are Seinen, Sci-fi, Action, Shounen and Horror.

Generally how I go about ratings:

3 stars:Alright 

3.5 stars:Solid entertainment and reccommendable 

4 stars:Awesome

4.5 stars:Brilliant, very few flaws if any

5 stars:Perfection 

Basically anything below 3 stars to me fall under the mediocre or god awful category.

Disclaimer: All my ratings are my own subjective interpretation so take it with a grain of salt

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LinkSword avatar LinkSword


Nov 3, 2013

Hey, same here man. Hopefully life isn't treating you too roughly either and you have enough time to relax.

Personally, I was hanging out with friends until late yesterday and when I woke up I had the nastiest abdomen ache ever (god knows why)... so I'm taking a day off the hospital courses tomorrow and having a bit of fun while recovering. =)

VivisQueen avatar VivisQueen


Jun 29, 2013

Hey GenericUser,

You might be interested to know that there's a Rose of Versailles buddy group happening (Taekwondoin's request). Apparently we start from Monday, one episode a day. That means there'll be RoV discussion happening in its thread on a regular basis. You are of course invited to join the group if you wish, or just join in informally with the discussion. 

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