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So where do I start? Well I guess the first thing I can say about myself is I've been a fan of anime for quite a few years now and the first one I watched was pretty much the dubbed version of Inuyasha. Like most people, I grew up with the typical fare as a kid seeing series like Pokemon, Dragonball, Digimon etc on TV then discovered subbed anime on the interwebs and my repertoire expanded in the process.  

As for personal taste, I'll watch almost anything but I have a pretty big craving for tragic and depressing stories laced with cynicism, think of Urobuchi's stuff as an example. Although it can't be tragedy just for the sake of it and it has to be well-founded. The only genres I think that are a big turn off for me and find most of the time flat-out boring boil down to Ecchi, Harem, anything to do with Feudal Japan and Mecha. But yeah, all the others are perfectly fair game.

Also, I'm a pretty avid gamer and I especially love visual novels. Some of my favourites there include: The Ace Attourney Series, Zero Escape, Umineko, Corpse Party and the Tales franchise but that's just barely scratching the surface. And finally as a general rule of thumb for me, just about anything made from Atlus is made of win and awesome. Insanely difficult games? I love those to death. 

My rating scale:

3 stars:Alright 

3.5 stars:Solid entertainment and reccommendable 

4 stars:Awesome

4.5 stars:Brilliant, very few flaws if any

5 stars:Perfection 

Basically anything below 3 stars to me fall under the mediocre or god awful category.

Disclaimer: All my ratings are my own subjective interpretation so take it with a grain of salt

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Sianeka Aug 6, 2014

A comment I cannot avoid: the first anime I really ever got into as anime was also dubbed version of Inuyasha!

Sianeka Aug 6, 2014

I've added you as a friend here on the site. (Well, actually, I guess now with the site redesign, the new terminology is that I am now following you. Sounds stalkerish, doesn't it?) It is actually purely an oversight on my part that I hadn't already done that. Because I was not exaggerating when I told you earlier that I associate your name with intelligent opinions aired in the forums. I really do. There are only a handful of others I feel the same about, and I generally will "friend" them and thought I'd already done that with you.

Also, I have added you as a WECO Club Supporter - thank you for letting me join you up! Club Supporters are important members of the club. Their endorsement really benefits the club by boosting morale, and by helping to increase the club’s reputation and visibility on the site!

(If you want, feel free to use a WECO banner in your forum signature or on your profile page. They are here, if you want one, but no obligation to use one if you don't wish to.)

Sianeka Aug 6, 2014

First, an apology if anything I've said has ever offended you; believe me, if it happened it was NEVER intended. While I will readily air an opposing opinion on something, I don't usually make it a personal matter and I never felt I was butting heads with you. Just so you know.

I actually associate your name with intelligent opinions. Maybe that is why I felt I could (hopefully) intelligently oppose them from time to time.

I thank you for your kind words to me. It actually is a big help right now to have verbal support as sometimes I feel as if nothing I do or say matters much or makes any difference to anyone. Especially here at A-P.  So, again, thank you!

PS -shameless plug- Can I add you as a WECO Club Supporter? I'm interpreting your words where you say I am doing a fine job as meaning WECO is a beneficial project... There are no requirements involved. Being a Club Supporter simply means that you've told me you think the club welcoming new members at sign up is a good idea...

LinkSword Nov 3, 2013

Hey, same here man. Hopefully life isn't treating you too roughly either and you have enough time to relax.

Personally, I was hanging out with friends until late yesterday and when I woke up I had the nastiest abdomen ache ever (god knows why)... so I'm taking a day off the hospital courses tomorrow and having a bit of fun while recovering. =)

VivisQueen Jun 29, 2013

Hey GenericUser,

You might be interested to know that there's a Rose of Versailles buddy group happening (Taekwondoin's request). Apparently we start from Monday, one episode a day. That means there'll be RoV discussion happening in its thread on a regular basis. You are of course invited to join the group if you wish, or just join in informally with the discussion.