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MrOrangeHorseman Oct 26, 2016

Was your comment on my profile agreeing to a comment I posted or something else?

MrOrangeHorseman Oct 23, 2016

I don't quite like artificial moeblobs like Tsukasa either.

UbiquitousConundrum Sep 20, 2015

Hey friend, when it comes to the Haruhi series, did you happen to consider the dub? I promise you man, she's a lot less annoying in the dub; besides, that show wasn't just any comedy man- it's a point of view satire that can turn people off if they view it in the wrong way. Please man, don't drop the series- there's a downright amazing epilogue movie that takes place after the main series ends, and I really don't want you to miss it 🙏🏼 Yes Haruhi's annoying sometimes, but you can't argue with Kyon- the man's got steez.

AnUnknownLight Dec 1, 2014

That was mean, and a long time ago :p