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Pissed off that Sasuke is the number 1 hated character of all time!


Whoevers hated him, if given the option, I'd hate you.




Not such a big fan of Naruto anymore o_o Fillers just piss me off. I get pissed off easily.


One Piece is where the shit is at. Posting this the episode before we see the New World! Woop woop.

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AceD Oct 3, 2010

I didn't know no, but thats one of the novels....there's a bunch of them so there could be another 4/5 seasons if they do all of the novels lol

AceD Oct 3, 2010

Ye tis pretty good, was waiting for blurays and specials to end

Bound Oct 1, 2010


Yah I did actually go to Wikipedia and check the summary of the episodes to try and find what episode I was up to. But I think I might have missed some along the way. One of my IRL friends reads the Manga and Watches it. I was near the Crocodile fight but I missed a little episodes up to that. I think I might re-watch some of the episdoes but for now I've got a few on my stalled and watching to get through.

Yeah just started watching it, I really like it

Bound Oct 1, 2010

I liked it when it first came on Cartoon Network, but it sadly stoped airing because CN hates anime now. Then they changed some of the english Voices and I never really started watching it again. I'm a little lost to where I am up to :P

AceD Sep 30, 2010

I cba to add chars i hate lol, i add chars i like as i see them though