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Pissed off that Sasuke is the number 1 hated character of all time!


Whoevers hated him, if given the option, I'd hate you.




Not such a big fan of Naruto anymore o_o Fillers just piss me off. I get pissed off easily.


One Piece is where the shit is at. Posting this the episode before we see the New World! Woop woop.

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Meitou May 14, 2011

u watch kimi ni todoke yet?

staruser Apr 1, 2011

ummm idk i dont have my phone with me am at school so they might take it away if i get from my locker but if u wait a lilttle i might be able to look at it a c

staruser Mar 31, 2011

nah.. well it more like am read alot of magna anyway i found an app on my phone that let me download mangna it prettty g i love it <3

what about u?

staruser Mar 31, 2011

oh that u c when i got on here i hade no idea what 2 do so i click random thing but i...

didnt no that i did that how strange any thing u on my profile is a mess exsept the word i write k..

staruser Mar 30, 2011

nice 2 meet u thanks for adding me ;)

hope 2 talk 2 u soon