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So, I've been here for a little while but haven't felt like I had much to say about myself. I'm finally attempting to try writing reviews for mangas that lack a review, or have a review that is biased. I have a few reviews up already. If I do more, they'll likely be sporadic.

When I add Sailor Moon characters, the images are usually from here: It's not easy to find Sailor Moon episodes/clips legally posted online, which is where I usually use pics from. This site allows people to post pictures on their personal pages, they just want credit for the effort they took to get the pictures. The ones I use are from specific episodes/movies, and are a lot easier to get here than searching down an episode, when they usually rarely even have a decent picture of the characters within the episodes. So... hopefully that's okay to do on here.

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unitzero May 21, 2010

nada problemo.



litokid Mar 11, 2010

Sorry I've been so slow to respond - university finals are here so I've been busy beyond belief.

ARIA the Animation introduced us to that wonderful world; Origination ties things together. Natural is the longest of the three seasons and isn't concerned with either, so it's the most carefree and relaxed, I think. Not that the other two aren't - and a lot of fans get emotional over Origination, particularly the second half. But it IS why I like Natural the most out of the three. We know the characters, and it's just everyday life on Aqua.

Thanks regarding the signature! Don't know if you recognize it, but the background is from the cover of Avvenire, an ARIA artbook/picture collection.

As for favourites list...a long while ago I decided that I would only choose one title from any given series/franchise. Which is why only ARIA the Natural is on my list. ^^; If I didn't restrict myself like that my favourites list would look awfully repetitive.

litokid Mar 6, 2010

Barcerolle hits a *lot* of high notes - it's an amazing piece of vocals even if it doesn't actually make sense. ^^; I'm still partial to Euforia and Undine though, 'cause I know enough Japanese to get most of the lyrics. Spirale's not bad either.

Aria's pastel colours and light color scheme is pretty distinctive - a style that's quite recognizable. ^^

As for was my impression that nobody ever dies. >_> I never really got into American comics, but those that I read - i.e. Fantastic Four, Spiderman, X-men - made me thingk that characters ALWAYS be back. It's why I stopped, actually, because I was tired of dead people not staying dead. X_z

litokid Mar 1, 2010

It's hard to cry for a manga, I find, even if you're very affected by it. People don't generally cry unless they're overwhelmed with a lot of emotion at once and manga, unlike anime, doesn't have any sound, music, or even color to affect many of your senses at once. That's my opinion anyway.

Hmm..."death part", huh. I certainly cried during that, but I was completely spoiled about that anyway since the whole Internet was talking about it at the time. For me, I actually cried more at just each character's story. Fuko's arc really got to me in particular.

I guess it's pretty much the same as what you said. Death is a topic that too many shows try to cover, and more often than not fail because it's easy to overdramatize. Once they do that, we ignore it because we're desensitized to it. That's probably why you and I appreciate ARIA and other slice-of-life shows that manage to point out small things, and express them in such a way that we appreciate them and feel emotion.

Clannad does deal with big dramatic story events, but I think it works because it takes the time to point out little things to get you emotionally invested.

My rule is that if something can make me cry, it'll make it to a favourite. I tend to rate anime based on what their intended purpose was - if it was supposed to be a mindless harem show, then I'll rate it based on how funny it was and how much fanservice I got; nothing else since that wasn't the point. Anything that touches me deeply, though, has to have been doing something right.

For me, ARIA was so amazing because it a) reminded/taught me how to look at the world differently and b) always manages to relax me. If I'm tense before a test? Play Undine or Euforia on my mp3 player. ^^

litokid Feb 27, 2010

What happens with Alicia had to be one of only things I'm upset about. >< No one is possibly good enough for her!

Akari's personality makes me wonder about her life back on ManHome, actually. By all accounts it seems that ManHome's much like the world we know and Neo Venezia is magical in how everyone's nice to each other. I doubt Akari had a sudden personality change when she moved, which has to be the best decision she's ever made. Her blind trust would've gotten her into trouble back on ManHome...

It's what draws people to her, though, and probably why I enjoy watching Akari and ARIA so much. Neo Venezia's a place where someone like her can survive and actually flourish. I remember watching that and trying to imitate her in noticing the little things in life, but it's pretty hard.

As for headless woman: man was that episode a change of pace. It's one of the few wake-up calls that even Neo Venezia can't be perfect, since only Cait Sith managed to prevent something worse from happening.

(Pausing from ARIA raving for a bit, I see you're also watching Clannad. Let me know how that turns out, since Clannad and ARIA are pretty much the only shows that have ever made me cry. Manly tears, obviously. ;)