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SleepyDudeKik avatar SleepyDudeKik

Nice Avatar!

Jun 30, 2008

dude ik heb een beetje een soort van hanenkam laten scheren whahahahhahahahhahahahahhaha me ma vond het alleen niet leuk :P IK LACHTE ME HELEMAal de tering

SleepyDudeKik avatar SleepyDudeKik

Nice Avatar!

Jun 18, 2008

i know and is why its kickass today i was on the kp for the entire day an it was AWESOMESSSSSS~desu XD. o and im going to work at tongelreep as you know what and around 9 o clock im going to puchi puri XD wth for the first time in my life i have a full agenda WTH OMG. wel cya later  

SleepyDudeKik avatar SleepyDudeKik

Nice Avatar!

Jun 17, 2008

oi be glad lets celebrate your second comment woehoe also by me but who cares :p. yay riding on olavs orange bike was fun i even got some comments and a guy singing HOLLAND XD. so how is the sickness coming along :p.

well cya later o and puchi puri is a tsundere YES/NO say it im keeping a vote XD.

wel later

SleepyDudeKik avatar SleepyDudeKik


Jun 15, 2008

oi it really is pointless

puchi-puri was here today she lost her i-net and so she was bored like hell which means i had a good laugh she knows her new nickname and she didn't kill me thank god im alive woehoe :p XD.

btw: got something to do tommorow?

speak to ya later

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