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The Short Introduction: I'm a real-life Yaoi Boy, although unfortunately lonely. While Anime certainly isn't my primary nerd-dom (Video Gaming conquers it by a country mile), I still enjoy them on occasion.

The Long Introduction: Ask me later XD

Q: Where's my picture from?A: The Japanese-only Boy Love game, Laughter Land, by Langmoar (The same team who did Enzai).

Q: I have another question!A: Leave a comment and ask it!

NOTE TO SELF: Need to add Slayers Premium, Viewtiful Joe, and F-Zero GP Legend to the animes list; Kirepapa as well.

Still to watch but not listed:, Junjo Romantica, Fish In The Trap, Bad Teacher's Equation, Okane Ga Nai, Haru Wa Deiteita, Ikoku Irokoi Romanten, Boku wo Konomana Kaeranai

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KatDJZ Apr 21, 2009

Happy Birthday! ^_^

skye456 Apr 1, 2008

I think sothis got mixed, there's two North Poles, and the one I live in is in Alaska xD. But nice to meet you too I suppose haha.

And yay! A fellow yaoi lover! I know a lot of guys who like yaoi ((mostly my doing O.o)), so I'm happy to find another one. Cute avatar by the way! I plan on buying that game...

sothis Apr 1, 2008

Great first recommendation pair!! I'm looking forward to seeing your others someday. ^_^ (PS: where's your top 5 anime? :p)

Tetra and skye456 are two of our resident yaoi lovers - you should stop by their profiles and say hello :D

naituramin Apr 1, 2008

hahaha, nice profile... welcome to anime planet.