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Web and print designer, slightly webdev bit of an artist, still student, and founder of The Colorless. Enjoying the tea in the night

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March 31, 2010

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February 22, 2014

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mefloraine avatar mefloraine


Feb 2, 2011


It's a'me, a mefloraine?

chikorita157 avatar chikorita157


Jan 9, 2011

Yo! just saying hi.

evan1979 avatar evan1979

Nice Avatar!

Aug 26, 2010

your profile pic reminds me of.... a zuda entry i once saw i think, or maybe it was just and online comic i was following.

sothis avatar sothis


Mar 31, 2010

ahhh!! now things are making sense :)

Thanks much for all the help on that. I thought just now you were talking about the announce I made today on twitter about potentially posting feed info in the profiles (while the fan page discussion was more about a robust FB-side app).

I'm still plotting out how the FB app will work but have some great ideas. Definitely second priority right now to getting the rest of the char db/va db up, but yeah, should be awesome ^_^

sothis avatar sothis


Mar 31, 2010

D: wait where did you talk about the AP/FB thing? I don't see a msg anywhere @_@

Anyways, good to see you here. Just as a heads up, there are still a few incomplete areas that are launching REALLY soon (for example, the remainder of the char database w/a robust search & a list of popular chars etc), also a voice actor database in the next month as the next iteration of chars. Do let me know any and all feedback you have as we're constantly changing stuff around here :)

(if you give feedback, make sure you click the 'respond to sothis' link as thatll post it in my own profile, so I'll get a notification and such)

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