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Just updating the profile after 2 years. I'm now 25 years old(damnit :/). Still loving anime, working and trying to have a social life !

Oh and my avatar is still cool

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dakotasapphire Jun 13, 2011

Dude your amazing you like monster and gurren laggan! best shows ever! :)

Fireaxe Jul 6, 2010

Hey, long time no see! And sorry for the late LATE response, haha.

Yeah, True Tears is pretty good. Definitely one of the best of its genre, I loved it. Now if you want a slightly more silly and less serious romance (but just as sweet), you should give Hatsukoi Limited a shot. That being said, seriously man, watch ef - a tale of memories already! I know you'll like it, very very much. =)

Sunagan May 11, 2010

Yay for Mushishi! The best show ever :D

xomyhipsdolie Feb 15, 2010

Hello! Im new but I just wanted to let you be aware that your avatar really makes me smile. :) Ive seen it a couple times in the forum and every time it puts a smile on my face. hehe

Fireaxe Jan 25, 2010

How about this one:

Hope you like it (because I do :p )

That being said, I kinda stalled on episode 6 of White Album... It was pretty good, but at the times it was getting a little too harem-ish for my liking. That, and the fact that I hated having to wait a week between episodes. Do you think I would like the rest of the show? It seemed pretty good at first, but I've read some pretty harsh reviews so I never had the balls to pick it up from where left off. :/