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My first anime ROBOTECH The Macross Saga! I loved it and I still love it, ya'll can hate if you want!

Besides that I'm into anything that wont put me to sleep and that anything but Code Geass The British should never be that

powerful and thank god there not.  Seriously if i was an eleven I would not let my self get punked out like that Ice Cream Sells man.

Pani Poni Dash WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Best Comedic anime I ever seen! "Hi I'm God, Wanna Soda Wormed by my own body heat!" My favorite punch line from the anime is Mahiko's MAHO!!!!

A little about me now I'm just your average working fellow I write fan fics sometimes. I'm a Fluffy Latino, I live in Arizona originally from Colorao, I love The Rockies! Baseball is my sport! I can not find a good anime about baseball though anyone have a suggestion feel free to tell me. I'm not much of a socialist I have some shaddy people in high school to thank for that.

i like to chat and have fun with people and to be a part of the crowd as long as I'm not having buckets of Pigs blood spilled on me. XD (Carry refference) NO nothing like that happened to me... Nah I was kinda apart of a bad group of people, not to good on that but I had a change to the good guys.

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AnimeShima Jan 2, 2011

I read through your profile and well if you're looking for animes that include baseball just go to this url "" it's here on AnimePlanet.

Have fun ^_^