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Love Love?

Jun 8, 2010

When i stumble upon this anime i read the Synopsis for some reason it call my attention even if each episode is only 15 minutes long that's what make the anime likeable.  


Story 6.5 out of 10  

The story take off in the middle of the production for a  children’s “hero” series named Cosprayers the protagonist named  Ooizumi Naoto is one  the cameraman  for the movie but in reality he is the write of the show for some reason he don't want the cast and the staff to know he is the writer the only one who know is the producer but mistake the actresses find about that he is the writer so this where it begins the ecchi advances on him so they can get more air time in the movie the protagonist is in love with his high school crush Magami Natsumi and she was selected as the main heroine  for the movie but when Ooizumi Naoto finds out that all the actresses knew he was the writer and that they being playing with his feelings just to get more air time in the movie he seek revenge and the rest u will have to find out I personally like the anime i mean is not a outstanding anime but is a so so even if is echii it has it's moments of comedy is enjoyable.     

Animation 6 out of 10

The animation is passable nothing outstanding even if each of the girl look unique they were some parts in each episode that look uneven and the main character Ooizumi Naoto look kind stupid some times beyond that is okay.  


Sound 8 out of 10  


To my surprise and enjoyment i really like the duet opening theme the lyrics are really pleasing the close theme was okay as well but i like the OP theme better the background music in each episode was doable the voices could had been better some of the voices seem to be recycle they sound like the same voice for other characters.        


Characters 7 out of 10  

Even the animation was a bit down i came to like the design and construct of if the main six Protagonists the 5 girls and the boy Ooizumi Naoto although he look kind of weird in some episodes.    

Overall 7 out of 10   

Is a enjoyable anime even if is not a remarkable production it kind of grows on you after the 3 or 4 episode the story I find it better that i was told there is deception, love, jealousy and of curse Echii scenes may be that is what complemented the anime well LOL :p

6.5/10 story
6/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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