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Princess Lover!

Jun 5, 2010

Dear god talk about disappointment really........ came to watch this anime with good Expectations the summary for the story seem unique and interesting because the main Character  Teppei Arima was the exception to the rule about you typical boy that his life is change because of a girl  and he is pathetic and helpless which is not the case in this anime.            

Story = 3 out of 10  

You may ask why well this had a good plot from the beginning it really did short intro Teppei Arima the main character lives with his mom and dad happily then they are Kill in a accident that is what originally Teppei Arima is told then after 2 months after his parents accident he is taken him by his grandfather of his mother side and his is one of the richest man in the world so on his way to his Grand father house he comes across a girl being chase by 3 guys trying to pull her out of the road so he intervenes and rescues the girl by the name  Charlotte Hazelrink a suppose princess after that they say their goodbyes and get to his grandfather house where a party is being held in order to announce that he is the next heir to the ARIMA corp and aslo that he is already engaged to a girl of a noble family name Sylvia then he meet his maid name yuu and when he goes to school meets the princess and a new girl named  Seika Houjouin all this girls develop feeling for him as the anime progresses and it was a good plot the princess likes him already because he saved her his  new fiancé is not sure how to feel about this and the maid felt in love him and tells his her sad story that was a orphan and was take in by his grand father and also the girl named    Seika Houjouin falls in love his him for no apparent reason so the question was who will he choose but he never does the story is kill by a stupid bad guy who was the one who kill Teppei Arima Parents to take Revenge against his grandparent until there is was a good plot until he reveals the reason why he did it and then he kills the whole story and after that was just garbage i don't to spoil everything so if u want watch it but i don't recommend it u wont get the 5 and half hours back in u life that take to watch this anime is not worth it.

Animation 7 out of 10  

The animation was good that is was this was such a disappointment all because of the story .                  

Sound 6 out of 10  

The opening and end theme is just bad and some of the sound don't belong there at all like when the main male character Teppei Arima fighting's with Sylvia in the first episode he has a woodened sword and Sylvia a Metal one and every time the sword hit it sound like both sword a metal and that is only 1 example the only rather good about the sound is the characters voices.                

Characters 7 out of 10    

I like the characters i really did that is what piss me off this anime had good possibilities all the character felt unique and well design the only Character that i felt was like recycle was the Princess Charlotte Hazelrink she looks a lot like Moka from Rosario to Vampire other than that they were okay .                

Overall 5 out of 10  

This anime was such a disappointment which was a surprise for me the studio was GoHands i can belief the choose this crappy i know by fact this a make from a Ero Magna even so they choose to make such a crappy anime that had a really bad plot since they had made some good animes like White Album (TV) and Darker than BLACK (TV) oh well if u into Romantic anime that stars good the story is kill by a stupid bad guys and some political issues and have a bad ending well this is u anime .

3/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
7/10 characters
5/10 overall
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