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My name is Galcifer i live in Montreal QC and I love Anime in general for me and as for many others anime are like windows to many different worlds of possibility's that we wish we could have in the real world from Vampires, robots, love scenarios Etc.

I don't have a special genres that specially like, for me any anime have a potential to be excellent because depends who is the one that  is watching there is a old saying that goes " the beauty or value of any person, object or thing resides in the perception of the viewer "  for me to say a anime is excellent needs to have creativity, imagination, ambition, and a sense or dreaming mostly because that is what anime are all about a place we can all dream in a different real of possibility's .

But don't take me wrong i just don't like any crappy anime  LOL i look for the best of the best, the one that have best plots, with a wonderful drama and the one that can will keep i at the edge of ur sit thinking that the main character will come true, there are ones also will send a chill down ur spine with their sense or reality and horror .i hope i can make some friends  here that share the same passion for anime .

P. S.  i wrote this in a hurry sorry for any misspellings or if it doesn't make sense i will correct it in a later date thanks

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NoCheerios May 12, 2011

I watch anime to entertain. Koe de Oshigoto didn't entertain me because it's essentially just to give poeple like you who get off on anime a good time, but honestly I look for story and entertainment value, and it had very little of either.

VGCKenny Jan 28, 2011

Um, why did you post on my page?

OnLittleFeet Nov 11, 2010

This is just the response i expected from some one like u when i look at ur profile i knew it, i posted my comment with not spell check i knew u would answer lashing back saying something about , lol anyways while i appreciate ur thoughtful response u only show that u love putting people down,

Not at all. Just you specifically, since you decided that because I did not like the same anime you did, you were going to attack me and not my review.

"I don't agree with this review," is very different from, "This review is stupid because ur stupid and u obviously don't understand anime." One is objective, one is not. You have been everything but objective from the very beginning.

after all i was impress for some one like u taking her time to write such a long replay back

9 out of 10 of my reviews are long. I write a lot. Remember: no one is making you read or respond to my reviews but you.

specially when u even said that I was immature 12 year old LOL, funny as hell i may add it just goes to show ur the person that hide behind her dictionary and behind some Else's opinion just because some else agreed with ur review doesn't mean that is a good review even if the one that agreed with u was the site creator and admin that goes to show that u have to hide behind some else's opinion

Not a single bit of this made sense. First: I don't use a dictionary? And where that came from I will probably never know, rofl. Second:  I am hiding behind nobody. I wrote that review all by myself and it's been up for a very long time. Sothis' reply came a bit later. I'm not entirely sure where you wanted to go with this--as an insult or a point, one way or another I can't make sense of it.

if this was her review i would be the same as u please, if u thought my comment was so meaning less why did u deleted it

I did not delete your comment. :)  Perhaps you are confused with how this site works?

If you would be so kind as to visit the review, and here's a link to the Dance in the Vampire Bund review:

--You'll note your  comment is still, 100% there. I guess you've not been around on the site long enough to note that, when I reply to your comment on my review I am redirected to your profile and, when you responded to my comment, you are re-directed to my profile as well.

My profile/My reviews are two different things ;)

perhaps u did not want to spoil ur profile with a comment that did not agree with u,

Again, see above: You commented on my review. Initial review comments remain on the review, me replying to it = on your profile, your reply = on my profile, so on and so on.

about the spelling and commas, punctuation, periods Etc i didn't really bother to check it was a waste of my time mostly because i use a voice speech writer i don't even have to type anything.

If you are too lazy to care about your writing, may I propose something for you to consider? 

Why should anyone else on this site be bothered to care about anything you say then, if even you don't? You get what you give, in life and generally on web communities as well.

You said that a good critic have to be able to fantastic writing, in depth characters and well-thought out plot, but also they need to " FINISH TO WATCH THE WHOLE ANIME BEFORE THEY CAN MAKE AN OBJECTIVE OPINION " , even if that anime was not to her liking but enough said.

Again, my review was a personal review. Meaning, the review was not site supported or sanctioned: it was not an official review, and thus, I am not beholden by the Anime Planets review rules and guidelines to watch an entire series to form my personal opinion. This wouldn't be a point of contention if you'd understood that what you read was a personal review and not an official one.

If it had of been an official review your response, I can readily admit, would have been 100% sanctioned.

As for watching it all...Let me be frank (who ever frank is), if the anime series is horrible--no one should be subjected to having to sit down and watch the whole thing. Especially if it's as bad as Dance in the Vampire Bund turned out to be.

While this has been an entertaining way to waste a couple of hours--I think I'm done here. I've defended my side as best as I can, and at the very least, you've allowed me to do so.

It's been interesting my friend, and I DO--without any sarcasm-- hope you enjoy your time here at Anime Planet.

OnLittleFeet Nov 10, 2010

You wrote in response to my review of Dance in the Vampire Bund:

holy crap that is the worst review ever and only from watching 3 episodes before i decided to post this comment i check ur profile from how long u been a member, and the anime u watch and is stupid for some with that little experience in anime can write a review like this backing it up by only watching 3 episodes i can tell that u don't know the first thing about anime review's are something u can only write after u had seem the all anime so u can give a objective opinion not just write something stupid just because u just got bored and did not like it anime is about fantasy, illusion and dreams that they can express a way they could see life or could be u obviously don't know that .

Thank you for your comment. I think.

It took me the better part of a half hour to figure out what you were trying to say, because I think you forgot some important things. Like, commas, punctuation, periods and oh--making any sense.

Second, this is exactly the sort of response I might have expected from a child. As I came to your profile thinking I would see: Age: 12, and thus, convinced myself I wouldn't respond because hey--12's an emotionally, hormone charged time, you know? You make rash decisions like, leaving long, rambling comments with text speech that makes you look remarkably silly.

And then I saw that you're 26 and part of me wept for the future of our world and the other part tossed the whole 'not commenting back,' right out the window.

I would have been more than willing to give your viewpoint a chance and perhaps even given the series a second chance... Had you come to me like an adult. Your response had pretty much sealed the coffin on both; my hopes you might be a rational adult and any second chances I would have given to Dance in the Vampire Bund.  I'd rather shove a cattleprod up a nostril 'just to see what happens' instead.

P.S. You can watch every anime known to man--how many anime or manga's you own do not, a good critic, make. Having the ability to recognize fantastic writing, indepth characters and well-thought out plot, do.

Dance in the Vampire bund is an absolute mess. It shows neither great story telling, indepth characters, or any attempt what-so-ever at a cohesive story. I find more imagination and 'dreams' in the tightly coiled pieces my cat leaves behind in her litter box than in this series.

However,  I am sure that you will go far in your illustrious, creative anime reviewing career here at Anime Planet.

Try not to attack the reviewer and their intellegence when you respond. You'll realize eventually how much it is bad form and reflects poorly on you.

I look forward with great excitement to your scintillating, well written, non biased, perfect review that I obviously fail at, and will cherish the day you far exceed everyone on this site when expressing their viewpoints. 

Have a great day.

P.P.S, I am not the worlds best speller. But I at least give it the old college try. You might want to, as well.  It's "you," "your," "an objective,"

P.P.P.S I don't know if you noticed? But my review was a personal review, and not a site wide official review. Which means I can express my opinion too.

P.P.P.P.S If that was 2 mny wrds 4 u, let me tl:dr: This site's owner and operator, sothis, also agrees this anime is crap. Would you like to go comment on her profile and tell her she's stupid and unable to understand "dreams" and "fantasy" please? I'd love to watch.

wolfangel87 Jul 31, 2009

I am a TOTAL romantic too!  I loved Clannad, I have not seen Lovely Complex though