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Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Plot: "It struck without warning one fateful day in Tokyo – a massive 8.0 earthquake rocked the city and caused massive devastation and death in its wake. Having taken her little brother to an exhibit that day, young Mirai and he find themselves alone and with no one to turn to – until a kind delivery woman named Mari promises to help them get back to their family. Now, the three travel the ruined cityscape and brave immense danger as they try their best to make their way home." (site synopsis)

Story: Before begining with the review i have to say that among all the animes that aired in 2009 or are currently aired this one is in my top 5 and probably one of the best animes which aired in 2009.Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 is named by the earthquake that struck Tokyo with a magnitude of 8.0 on Richter scale (a pretty huge one, very powerful one but concidering that Japan is one of the hottest regions on earth mainly because of the strong and often activity of earthquakes this is not something new in there).What i believe is that the story of this anime is inspired from real situations (even though it has some few fantasy aspects).The story of this anime is centered on two kids, brother and sister, named Mirai and her little brother Yuuki.Both of them were caught by the huge earthquake when they were visiting a robot conference or exibition (or something like that).They both survived but they had to take care of themselves mainly because they went alone and their parents couldnt join them.Even so a kind women named Mari promises to help them get back to their family, they promised that as long as they are toghether they must stay toghether until they reach their homes.Even though Mari was eager to help them she had her own problems and worries as well.Because of the strong earthquake they could not contact their families, they relied on the news announcements.Mari was worried that her daughther and her mother might be injured or even worse, and the same like Mirai and Yuuki she was in a hurry of reaching home as fast as possible to remove the burden.As the story goes on the three main protagonists pass through many earthquake replicas, traveling toghether through the ruined city and facing other dangerous situation.What i have to say that around the ending this anime is very sad.But the atmosphere created at the second part of the last episode does not really leave you in a sad mood, even more it makes you think that this anime ended in happy was, given the circumstances.A very nice and well developed story which gets my sincere respect.

Animation: The animation style was also well made.The background, the buildings before the devastating earthquake well very well designed and as well the character designs, which are kinda classic types but they look as if they were real

Sound: In terms of sound this anime aint bad at all.The opening and ending songs are very nice, listenable even, the background sounds were very well chosen and the sound fits in whatever environment is shown.

Characters: Related to characters of course there is not a nice character development in this anime.Its centered on the three main protagonists mostly (Mirai, Yuuki, Mari) while the side characters appear in few episodes and for short lenght of time.Even so the moods and the feelings of the three main protagonists were very well exposed, i realy liked Mari's personaly, always helping others with what she can when its needed.

Overall: A great hit.I would not rather call the productors of this anime geniuses but without a doubt this anime is one of the best i seen in 2009, a very deep emotional anime, and a kinda unique one since this is the first anime that i seen with this kind of tags, its kinda new for me, maybe thats why i liked it so much.I recommend this anime to everyone, especialy to those who appreciate good drama animes.

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10/10 story
8.5/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.3/10 overall
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