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Hoshi no Koe (Voices of a Distant Star)

Plot: "Nagamine is a young high school student who lives a fairly typical teenage life: hanging out with friends, attending class, and falling in love with a wonderful boy. But when she enlists in the galactic army, who is desperate for candidates to fight an alien war, she finds herself drifting farther away from her first love, Noboru. In the depths of space, where a simple email takes eight years to be delivered, will their love truly flourish, or simply fade away?" (site synopsis)

Story: Another one of the animes made by Makoto Shinkai and produced by CoMix Wave Inc. studio. Again my expectations for a good story was well founded, since the previous movies Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Bashou and Byousoku 5 Centimeters (check my reviews) were briliantly made. It proove to be as i expected probably a bit more, but i got to say that the ending was abit dissapointing in my opinion, had a feeling that it might ruin this anime, which in my opinion would have been a real waste. However i did enjoy it until the end, and as well as the other movies that i mentioned above, the deep emotional feelings that characters reveal are reall touching, it makes you simpathize with the main protagonists (the situation is too damn similar with the one from Byousoku 5 Centimeters more exactly the situatuion of Akari and Takaki). The story of this anime revolves around two middle-school students named Mikako Nagamine and Noboru Terao. The years they spent toghether on Earth were memorable, they developed deep feelings towards eachother and a strong relationship (from what i seen they seem deeply in love even though the anime does not give us details refering to the state of their relationship). After graduating middle-school Mikako Nagamine is hired/recruited by the UN space army in a war against a group of aliens called Tarsians (named after the Martian region, Tarsis). Mikako becomes a tracer, wielding a huge robot and she was atached to a fighting squadron of the spacecraft carrier called Lysithea. When Lysithea leaves Earth with Mikako on board, she leaves everything behing, including her friend Noboru. However they kept in touch, Mikako kept sending mails to Noboru about her current state, but as Lysithea travels deeper into space, the mails take longer to be received by Noboru (from months to years more exactly). A very touching anime, i have to admit the ending might be missunderstood by many people, some may concider it sad, sorrowful, other may say that it was left unfinished. Want to know my opinion? Well in my opinion this anime hides a message, "no mather how big the distance between us is, our thoughts and feelings are always connected". By believing this, i think that this anime was well done.

Animation and Sound : As expected this anime has a very good animation quality and definition, nothing to complain only to praise as well, the only thing that is abit obvious is that years kinda damaged but not very much this anime, since compared to the other movies i mentioned above this one has a lower animation quality, however not too low one give the fact that it was released in the year of 2002, still a very good animation concidering the release date. Relaxing, enjoyable, at least decent.Nothing that is out of common, but nothing that realy catches your atention, no big deal. The same like in the other movies the sound is more orchestral, classic, just to fit the anime environment, however i found it relaxing and enjoyable.

Characters: Since this anime has only two characters, and it revolves only on them, we must not expect a great character development, infact there is no character development at all. Individualy instead this two were developed and revealed quite well, we know abit about their past and stuff about their future.Decent in terms of characters as well, given the fact that this OVA has a short lenght (only 26 minutes) i doubt that it could have been better then this.

Overall: A must to watch, in my opinion this OVA has a place of its own, enjoyable, with a bit of action also, with a very touching and sorrowful drama aspect, this anime easily goes to my heart, and especialy the message that it sends. Only one regret i have, the fact that the ending could have been abit more clear, if it was like i said then for sure i would have given it a 10 out 10 without hesitation.It wasnt a dissapointment at all just that i cant name it a masterpiece at this state.Even so we must not ignore the good points of this anime, the excelent animation, the nice individual character development, and the relaxing sound.

~Enjoy and Cya Around~

8/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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Gritasa Mar 27, 2010

I have been watiching it 3 minutes..  I really hate to say it...  But how can they make crap out of such a good story! The back grounds are wonderfull of the anime but the people.. they look like it's have been made by a 4 year old..I prevere the manga more... I'm sorry..  But I don't like the anime as I love the manga.. It just irritates me that the backgrounds are welldone and the people look like shit.. I can't say It's good I stopped watching it.. I will stay with the manga...