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Plot: "There’s no denying that Mizuhu is beautiful. Normally that might be a bit of a disadvantage seeing as he is an average sort of boy who enjoys sports and games. However, his beloved grandfather has just passed away, and the will includes a strange request; his grandfather wants him to become closer to his mother's memory by attending the same all-girls academy she did for a semester. Obviously he can't hide his gender from the teachers of the school; so he will need their approval, but he also can't expose his gender in front of his fellow students. With the help of his child-hood friend Mariya, his own natural beauty, and just a little bit of luck, Mariya may just be able to fool his fellow students! Considering the turn of events, there may be more to his grandfather's dying request than meets the eye..." (site synopsis)

Story: Another one of my favourite shoujo-ai animes.Unfortunately i seen this anime like 3 months ago and i always forgot or delayed to make a review about it.Finaly today i found some free time to do so.The story of this anime is centered on a handsome and inteligent boy named Miyanokougi Mizuho.When his grandfather passed away, he mentioned in his will a very unusual and weird request.He requested that Mizuho should become closer to his mother's memory and to do so he must attend the same only-girl academy that his mother attended.Of course since he is a boy it is difficult for him to hide his gender aspects from the teachers and especialy from the other students.However with the help of his childhood friend Mariya and with abit of luck, he might be able to fool the other students.I was like wtf when i sow the result of Mariya's work, he seemed a girl in almost all aspects, except for behaviour but it will not be long until he will act like one.Of course after the changes were completed he was presented to the principal and to his head teacher and both of them were impressed about his girly looks.Quite funny, to fool all people around you and pretend that you are a girl but in his case some weird actions that arent quite girlish were exposed but since he obtained a huge popularity among the other students everyone admired him, not only that he is smart and intelligent he is also athlethic and quick at taking the right decisions.It will not be long until he will gain an important status in the academy.Well what can i say, on one hand this anime seems to be very funny (given by the gender-bender aspect) and also a warm and nice shoujo-ai/romance aspect (a very good and well thinked mixture).The ending of the story was also quite nice and i dont realy have much to complain here.

Animation: Not bad in terms of animation but far from beeing a masterpiece or something that realy attracts your atention.The character design were decent, some of them were quite impressing (pointing at Mizuho) but nothing out of common, above average for sure.

Sound: Having a hard time remembering the sound of this anime.The opening and ending werent on my taste, listenable at least but it seemed to fit with the anime environment and as well the background sounds.

Characters: In this anime we can speak about a nice and well thinked character development.As the story goes on more characters appear around the main ones (Mizuho and Mariya) some of them will play an important part around the ending.Individualy the characters arent so well developed, since we dont realy know quite alot stuff about them and their past actions or a suitable story about them doesnt exist.

Overall: Warm, nice, enjoyable, funny at some points, this anime is highly recommended from those who are bored of the common romance/shoujo-ai animes and wants to try something abit funnier with some comedy aspects.I guarantee that you wont regret watching this anime.

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8.5/10 story
7.5/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
8.3/10 overall

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DEMONGO1154 Sep 15, 2015

greatly enjoyed this one looking forward to more like it, great review could not agree more. would love to see a second season of this one :)

Esper26 Mar 29, 2013

I can agree with this.

I really enjoyed the anime and now I'm looking for other anime similar to this.

finalsonnet Mar 26, 2010

I really enjoyed the anime and now I'm looking for other anime similar to this. Thanks for the review.