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Kaleido Star

Kaleido Star

Plot: "Naegino Sora is a sixteen year old girl who has travelled to the US to join the Kaleido Stage, one of the greatest circuses in existence. However, as luck would have it, she arrives to the audition late, which almost costs her the chance of a lifetime. Fortunately, she manages to join the Kaleido Stage anyways due to the compassion of Kalos, the owner of the troupe. With the help of her friends and Fool, the perverted spirit of the stage who has the ability to predict the future, Sora will overcome trials and tribulations and she struggles to become the Kaleido Star." (site synopsis)

Story: Before starting with the usual review i need to say that i managed to watch this anime like 8-9 months ago and at that time i wasnt that much into anime. This was and it still is one of my favourite animes, a very nice and enjoyable one that i realy liked and i find it pretty hard to hate. This anime has one of the most interesting stories i ever seen which was realy captivating and kept me near the screen for quite a while (2 days more exactly i spent marathoning this anime). When i started with the first episode i never thought that this anime series will be that good but it proved to be realy beyond my expectation, it impressed me from top to bottom. The story of this anime is centered on a sixteen year old girl named Sora Naegino who came all the way from Japan to US with a purpose which i rather find it pretty ambitious, to join and become a star at Kaleido Stage, one of the greates circuses in existance. However, she wasnt so lucky because she didnt manage to arrive in time at the audition and this mistake almost cost her chance of a lifetine. Fortunately, Kalos the owner of the stage told her that she can join the Kaleido Stage. However at the begining she wasnt recognized as a true member of Kaleido Stage by her companions but she managed to make some friends in the end. Also she gets to meet a misterious character named Fool who claims to be the spirit of the stage who can only be seen by those who will become stars on Kaleido Stage (i realy loved his perverted sense of humor). Sora's journey proved to be very hard, not only that she did not have any experience on the stage and any skills but she wanted Layla Hamilton, the star of the Kaleido Stage and her childhood idol, to acknowledge her as a part of the Kaleido Stage a thing that will hardly be accomplished since Layla was in need of a partner the choices that she had to make were pretty much important. As the story develops Sora and her friends pass through different trials with the purpose of becoming a true Kaleido Star. Sora lacked skills and experience but her ambition and her personality proved that she can overcome any obstacles that come in the way. At first she only received small roles for the sake of gaining some experience alongside with some rigurous training courses. Later on when she started to get ahold of certain skills she is selected as a main lead in certain acts. All the hard training that she endured were for the purpose of making her a suitable partner for Layla but Layla kept thinking that a partner can't be found that easliy and it takes a lot of time and effort for Sora to make her realize that she is up to her expectations and that she will fulfill all the acts that she encounters. What actualy made Layla to accept her wasn't only her skills that were still unpolished but her personality and her ambition to succed in everything she does, however at times she can become pretty much an extremist, its good to know when to give up as well. The people who know me are aware that i dun really like sports anime, but this one and a few other are some exceptions simply because it does not revolve only around sport but it has some other subplots as well. Also i like characters that know what they want and are willing to sacrifice whatever to fulfill their dreams, this is what kinda describes Kaleido Star in short terms.

Animation and Sound: Related to the animation style this anime is somewhere above average but not quite that high. The character designs are very decent but there was room for more improvements. Since the production years were 2003-2004 we cannot speak of an animation quality and style like the one from nowadays but still it is decent.  To be honest im realy trying to remember how was the sound in this anime.I remember one opening of this anime which i realy liked and is one of my favourite OST's and also some background sounds who were decent and fit the anime environment and the character moods.

Characters: Speaking about characters this anime has one of the best and well made character development ever. I am realy pleased with how the characters were developed individualy especialy Sora and Layla and also the way their feelings were evidentiated. This anime also has some bishoujo/bishounen characters (Layla and Yuri more exactly). As we enter deeper in the story more characters are revealed and developed.

Overall: As an overall this anime is watchable, enjoyable, funny at some points (it has some comedy aspects), dramatic (heartbreaking at some scenes) in other words worth watching. Even though it takes a while for the story development to reach a culminant point (for some people the waiting can get frustrating) i think that this thing is a pretty lame excuse if u want to explain why you hate this anime because believe me, having patience will be worthy.

~Enjoy and Cya around~

10/10 story
7.5/10 animation
9/10 sound
8.5/10 characters
8.7/10 overall
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