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Hanasakeru Seishounen

Nov 7, 2009

Hanasakeru Seishounen

Plot: "Kajika is the fourteen-year-old heiress of the Burnsworth Corporation who just wants to live a normal life, but her father has other plans. He informs Kajika that her fate is a heavy one to carry and he will only tell her the full details when the man she intends to marry is by her side. As such he has set up a ‘marriage game' for her; Kajika will meet three men that he has specifically picked out and she is to select one of the three to become her husband. There's just one catch; Kajika must also make her chosen man fall for her, since the ‘suitors' are unaware of the game in which they are participating. For a girl who has never loved anyone except for her pet leopard, this game will prove to be a trial. With her over-protective childhood friend and personal shadow, Li Ren, keeping a close watch, will Kajika be able to choose who will become her lifelong partner and finally learn of her true fate?" (site synopsis)

Story: A few words before starting, Hanasakeru Seishounen in my opinion is probably one of the best romance/drama animes that aired in 2009.I seen probably 90% of the anime series/movies/OVAs that were released this year and i have to say that none of them impressed me as much as Hanasakeru Seishounen.The story of this anime is centered on a fourteen year old girl named Kajika Burnsworth.She is the heiress of the Burnsworth Corporation a very influent oil company.Apparently she seems like a normal girl for her age but in her case the appearance is betraying, sometimes she can become a scary, serious person with qualities that are seen only at wise, mature people but of course the age still has a word to say, she is still unexperienced, carefree like a teenager but aside from this stuff what i liked the most was that she doesnt places herself first she always cares about the people around her.Surprizingly, even though she is the daughther of a wealthy man, Harry Burnsworth, she isnt a arrogant, self-centered and greedy person like most of the wealthy persons are.Anyway her fate doesnt seem to be such a easy one, her father called her to New York to propose to her a very weird idea, a "marriage game".So Kajika in the future will meet three men that were chosen by her father.From this three men she must choose the one that she will marry in the future.But the task isnt so easy, you cant just fall in love with someone that you dont know (in this anime we dont talk about love at first sight) but also she must make her choosen man to fall for her as well.She is informed that the persons do not know about the game.In her case this game is difficult because she never loved someone other than her leopard pet aka Mustafa.On her journey to find a suitable husband she will be accompanied by Toranosuke, her bodyguard and Li-Ren, her childhood friend who happens to be the leader of the Huang Corporation, a Corporation who colaborates with the Burnsworth Company.In the first episodes she gets to meet one of the men that were chosen by her father.That one is Eugene de Volkan, an extremely handsome man (seriously this dude can even turn normal men into gay men) who Kajika confused him with Mustafa (he had the same eyes and moods like the leopard).A characteristic of this anime is that its filled with bishoujo and bishounen characters.Even though Eugene is handsome and very attractive, he is a looner, a gloomy person, a very misterious dude with very weird thoughts and personality.This anime always ends interesting, it has a warm and nice romance aspect and also some bitter drama aspects but if you start watching it you will definitely like it (especialy because of the interesting story development and the turn of events that take place in this anime). The ending of this show was kinda predictable (never subestimate the childhood friend!), after quite a while the one that shall remain with Kajika became quite predictable but the twists and Kajika's decisions at the end of the show made the ending even more tasteful, definitely something that worths watching especially for die hard romance lovers.

Animation and Sound: Well another thing that realy impressed me is the animation of this anime.As i said there are many bishoujo and bishounen characters in this anime.The character designs are also damn cool, i damn liked how Kajika was designed (the silver eyes always kept her in the center of atention).Also related to male characters most of the men around Kajika are very well designed, Eugene, Li-Ren and some other characters. In terms of sound this anime also exceeds.The opening and ending songs fit the anime environment and are more than listenable, enjoyable i should say.Even the background songs werent that bad.I always enjoy songs that combine japanese words with english words in its lyrics x3.

Characters: Related to characters this anime is also briliant.There is a masive character development in this anime.Around the begining we started with like 3-5 main characters but as we pass through episodes more interesting, captivating and weird characters appear which have a semnificance in the story devlopment.Kajika, Eugene, Li-Ren are by far the most complex and interesting characters i ever seen.

Overall: Impressing, surprizing, shocking, always with nice turn of events Hanasakeru Seishounen exceeds in terms of romance/drama genres.The characters are very interesting and complex and the story development is quite impressing.From over 800 animes that i seen i cant find a suitable similarity with this anime.Until now i seen modern type of romance animes (pointing at Nana and White Album) and of course a huge load of classic romances (Clannad, Air, Itazura na Kiss, etc so many of them meh its like all of them are born from the same mother) but this anime is like placed between modern and classic romance type animes.

~Enjoy and Cya around~

10/10 story
10/10 animation
9.5/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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nitaipriya Jun 8, 2010

thanx for the review! .. just started watching this anime... on ep.17 and i like it so far.

I just really hope she ends up with the guy i want her too (Li Ren!!!!)... i mean i'd still ike it if she choose someone else, but if doesn't end up with anyone that would just ruin this whole anime for me ^^