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Kaze no Stigma

Nov 6, 2009

Kaze no Stigma (Stigma of the Wind)

Plot: "Years after having been exiled from the Kannagi household for being unable to utilize their fire magic, Kazuma returns to Japan, only to discover that the Kannagi family's very existence is threatened. Unknown to them, during his absence, he had become a Contractor and thus acquired a vast strength in wind magic. Not showing any remaining contempt for them, he offers to help solve the Kannagi household’s problems in return for large sums of money. Together with his younger brother Ren and the feisty heir to the Kannagi household, Ayano, he fights to protect those he cares about... for a price!" (site synopsis)

Story: After watching a show like Shakugan no Shana i kinda started to like the whole concept of girls wielding fire swords and their main power consisted of fire element. Same like in Shakugan no Shana where the sword was named Nietono no Shana (like the name of the main protagonist) in this case the swords name is Enraiha and the sword is bestowed on the heir of the Kannagi clan. The story is centered on Yagami Kazuma an apparently weird, mysterious character who can control wind element powers. Long ago he was a member of the Kannagi family but because of his inability to use fire powers he got exiled by his own father and the ties which connected him with the clan had been thorn apart. Until the day he returns to Japan he had become a Contractor thus he acquired a vast power and the ability to use wind magic a power which could compete with the most skilled fire user in the Kannagi clan, his own father. Hearing about the events that he took part of by coincidence he managed to get involved with, the Kannagi family concidered him a traitor and a dangerous person to approach since in the Kannagi family, switching from fire users to another element was concidered a huge treachery. When he returned back to Japan he heard that the Kannagi family is threatened by unknown enemies which indirectly they interacted with Kazuma as well. Beeing invited to the Kannagi mansion after he defeated his own father in battle he receives a task from the head of the family but of course in return for a huge sum of money. His job was to discover who is behind the assassination atempts and the attacks and to anihilate the atacker as well. But who said that he will act alone, he will be accompanied by his younger brother Ren and a energetic, weird and feisty girl who happens to be the heir of the Kannagi family, Ayano a girl which possesses skills that are still unpolished but a prodigy of the Kannagi family. In my opinion this anime in terms of story is very well thinked and nicely developed. The question that still remained is what actualy happened to Kazuma after he has been sent to exile and since he couldn't control fire powers why and for whom he swtiched to wind element and go so far as making a contract with the wind spirits? Well this can only be answered by watching this show entirely. Unfortunately this is a lost cause, like many shows that end on a clifhanger, this one witnessed the death of its own author and at the moment its on indefinite hiatus and it also seems that other authors are not willing to continue despite its popularity and its good ratings. Maybe in the future there will be someone who wishes to continue it and provide us with more material since it would be ashame for such a good show to remain unfinished.

Animation: In terms of animation this anime is somewhere around average. I liked the character design expecialy Ayano and her pink hair, which makes her pretty distinctive. I also liked the flames around her sword which kinda reminds me of Nietono no Shana (Shakugan no Shana). The sound is not that bad also.The opening and ending songs are quite nice, listenable at least, it doesnt inflict ear trauma (apparently) so in other words above average.And also the background sounds are decent, they fit with the environment from this anime.

Characters: Well in terms of characters this anime doesnt exceed.It is around average since the main protagonists are described, developed in detail but we cannot speak of a proper character development here since few characters apear in this anime and most of them if not all dissapear before the ending of this anime. Other than the main protagonists and few side characters there isnt anymore influent or interesting character which kinda dissapoints me.

Overall: Watchable, sometimes funny and enjoyable, also with serious battles (and sometimes not) but in other words worth watching. This anime isnt so unique, there is nothing new related to it, nothing that captivates my atention.However it was enjoyable the battles were realy nice and some funny moments were also present in this anime.

~Enjoy and cya around~

9.5/10 story
9.5/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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MOJ Apr 10, 2010

Haha i love your review :) and great idea putting pics with it

Reiner Jan 17, 2010

Kaze no stigma is great anime. I totaly love personality of stigma :P