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Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka (The Hill Dyed Rose Madder)

Plot: "When Junichi 'Gene Killer' Nagase saved the beautiful and wealthy Yuuhi Katagiri from bullies one day, he had no idea that he'd actually assisted his would-be wife! For what Junichi didn't know is that he and Yuuhi's fathers decided they would be wed, and Yuuhi has arrived in his town to decide if her betrothed is good enough for the job. After a humiliating and unwanted first kiss, Yuuhi moves in with Junichi to evaluate his worth; and thus, Junichi's life is changed forever. With embarrassing situations at every turn and a bride-to-be that thinks he's uncivilized and brash, what's a guy to do?" (Site synopsis)

Story: Not much to mention in terms of story regarding this anime though. Even though the ecchi aspect is not so astonishing like it was in other anime shows such as Agent Aika, Najica Blitz Tactics or other romantic titles that uses fan-service themes it doesnt have a very stable basic story. Well here goes, the story of this anime is centered on a high school student Nagase Junichi, nicknamed by his classmates as Genokiller because of his past reputation as being one of the best fighters at his school (want to know more about his past? then better watch the anime coz i wont spoil this!). One day on his way to school he saves a beautiful girl named Katagiri Yuuhi who belongs to a very rich and influent family. But at that time he had no idea that this girl actualy is his would-be-wife (shock!). Junichi's parents decided toghether with the head of the Katagiri family to marry this two and thats why Yuuhi arrived in town to see who the heck is her future husband! LOL. Even though she didnt knew that the one who saved her was infact her future husband she gets humiliated by an unwanted first kiss who came from the same person. When she finds out that he is infact the guy that she will marry, she moves into his house to test his worth. What i damn like at this anime is that this two act like a comedy duo not only at home but especialy at school. Living toghether their relationship evolved but it also causes some problems and here i have to point at Junichi's sister. Problem with Junichi is that aside from his fiance that started to develop an interest towards him despire their daily argues his sister, which is not related by blood with him loved him from the moment she came to live with him. At that time Junichi was a mess, a true gangster feared by all his classmates and being notorious in the neighbourhood. The arriving of his sister managed to put a self control to his former ego, but an ego that was and always been unstable and the slight feeling of loneliness could pull it out once again. Yuuhi's arrival managed to turn his life that he lead until then upside donw. His sister, Minato Nagase started to become more distant and at the begining Junichi didn't realize it nor the motive. Question is who will triumph out of all this mess, his sister that harbors a weird love interest towards him, even though they are not blood related or the girl that was arranged by her family to marry Junichi. Well the only clue i will point is that this has an ending similar with the one from the first Da Capo series, infact these two shows share alot of things in common, mainly the fact that both are inspired from visual novels .This anime doesnt focus too much on Fan Service stuff but is very good in terms of comedy oscilizing from humour to melodrama as you dig deeper in the story.

Animation and Sound: Well the animation style and character designs are kinda classic even though we have an early work (2008 production) but by a studio less known TNK, best known for producing School Days, Shattered Angels and Kannazuki no Miko. We meet them in most of the animes usualy average ones (refering to animation). One thing i liked at this one, some of the female characters had weird hair style (pointing at Yuuhi, weird hair antenas present at Minato as well) but other than this nothing surprizing or something that worths comenting. To be honest at the begining i didnt payed too much atention to the sound mainly because i was more interested about other things related to story or character development. So i listened abit to the opening song and ending song, also some background sounds. What i have to say is that they arent that cool but they fit the anime environment.

Characters: Well in terms of characters this anime isnt so good also. We can speak about a character development since this is a harem type anime but taking the characters in particular only Junichi is somehow developed and described but still with many holes. Also i like the "pretending not to be pervert" type of character which characterizes Junichi. Regarding the other characters there is not too much to talk about.

Overall: As an overall this anime is nice, watchable, funny, enjoyable, with many scenes that makes you laugh but it lacks a good character/story development. But i dont care too much about this stuff because as a whole i enjoyed this anime since i am a fan of ecchi stuff more exactly of Fan Service things, everything that makes me feel entertained in other words. Fans of comedy shows will definitely enjoy this and those that are acquainted with shows like Da Capo or Kiss x Sis (not as perverted as this one though) can take a bite of this one too.

~Enjoy and Cya around~

6.5/10 story
7.5/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Gakorak Nov 13, 2009

First AMV was kick ass~