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Blue Drop: Tenshi-tachi no Gikyoku

Plot: "Mari Wakatake is the sole survivor of an apparent island tsunami disaster that took place five years ago; she has been raised and schooled by her grandmother from that day. But now, she has been sent off to a boarding school in order to grow and make new relationships; and it is there that she meets Senkouji Hagino, a mysterious girl who is liked by everyone – everyone except for Mari. But Mari soon discovers that Hagino is not what she seems to be, and as Mari struggles to figure out Hagino and fit in at school, an alien race is maneuvering in the shadows for their conquest of an unsuspecting Earth. Little does Hagino know that she herself holds the key to the truth of Mari's past, as well as the key to her future." (not my work, this is the site synopsis)

Story: The story is centered on a teenage girl named Wakatake Mari. She is the only survivor of an apparent island tsunami disaster that took place five years ago (related to the anime chronological time) but even until she grown up to become a high school student the circumstances of the tragedy remained unknown, the only assumptions made until then were only speculation and nothing certain. After the incident she was raised by her grandmother until the day she got sent to a girls only academy for a change of environment and to develop other relationships aside from the one she had with her grandmother. On her way to the academy she sees a weird and beautiful girl standing on a sea rock. She gets to meet her in the academy and her name is Senkouji Hagino a mysterious girl which is very popular in the academy. She is liked by everyone, everyone except Mari who struggles to understand her and to fit in the school. For a girl that never had friends since the tragedy she had a hard time fitting in the environment and in the dorms especially when she was assigned in the same dorm with Hagino. However an alien race is pulling some strings and intends to conquer Earth. Apparently Hagino belongs to that race but she is on a different side. She tries to protect the people from Earth from the invaders. Even though Hagino doesn't know that she is the key to Mari's past because apparently she was the cause of the incident that took place on that island. As the story develops Mari and Hagino are becoming great friends and they develop deep feelings. Even when Mari finds out that Hagino isnt human they still remained friends, even more their bounds got strenghthened. But what will happen when Mari eventualy finds out that Hagino is related to the accident that occured on that island back then? What made me watch this anime so badly was the curiosity for the ending which it is kinda dramatic but in my opinion suitable for how the story develops. I didn't really predicted the ending since former encounters of shoujo-ai shows ended up or unclear or with a happy ending but this one is slightly bittersweet. However it remains in my top 10 best anime i ever watched until now.

Animation and Sound: In terms of animation this anime is also excelent. The character designs are perfect, excelent very well developed. Nothing to complain here. Nothing to complain here either. The ending and opening of this anime are one of my favourite OST's and suits this anime. The background sounds also are very good.

Characters: The characters are very well developed.Hagino and Mari, the main characters in this anime, are developed in detail, revealing their past actions and their personality to the fullest.Also the secondary characters arent left behind also.

Overall: Excelent anime, a true masterpiece among the animes with shoujo-ai as a main tag. The combination between shoujo-ai aspects and sci-fi aspects is made perfectly and in a profesional way. There are no holes in the story developed nor in the character development.I place this anime in the underranked section. It deserves more atention from my point of view because its realy enjoyable with some deep romance/drama aspects and with a warm shoujo-ai aspect.

~Enjoy and Cya Around~

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Argel Apr 10, 2011

Not 10/10, but 7-8/10.  This is actually a slice fo life story with action. That means there are a few lose ends, things that are neva expalned, and aspects to the plot that don't really make sense (all ont he action side). But that's as expected. The character development and relationshis are awhat really carry the show.

It reminded me of Kannazuki no Miko, but not as bittersweet. On of the better Anime I have watched int he past year or two.

chaosbull Jan 16, 2011

nice i just fin it , i cried bit cause it was sad,

Yanagi13 Dec 20, 2010

That's a bit much isnt it, I mean 10/10? I don't believe there is a story in existance with no flaws at all. It just isn't practical to expect it.

Thunderbird Oct 29, 2009

Checked it out now - it was quite interesting.

I wouldn't call it a masterpiece, but it is worth to watch,

thank you for the tip :)

Thunderbird Oct 28, 2009

10/10 in all categories, I think your review is not that objective oô

But I will give it a try.