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Oct 22, 2009

Plot: "Awayuki Himeno is a normal schoolgirl who is in a bind: her father’s remarriage yielded two new cruel stepsisters, and to top it off, she meets seven men who call themselves Liefe Knights. They reveal to her that she's a Pretear, someone who can lend powers to them when their powers aren’t enough to defeat the evil creatures called mayouchuu. Now, she has to fight the ambitious Fenrir, whose only purpose is to leech the life force from all living beings. Can Himeno save the world and find a way to deal with her growing feelings for one of the Liefe Knights?" (not my work, this is the site synopsis)

Story: Awayuki Himeno is a normal school girl with a energetic, chearful, clumsy personality which makes you feel like she does not have any worries.But in this case the appearence betrays because soon after she reveals some weaknesses.Not beeing able to adapt in the new environment she runs away but she returned back and she meets Hayate, one of the guys who call themselves the Leafe Knight's.Soon after meeting him she gets to know the other Leafe Knight's and they told her that she is a Pretear, a beeing that could lend more powers to Leafe Knight's when their powers arent enough to defeat the enemy.In the first episodes she gets to fight Larvas, monsters controled by the Princess of Destruction, Takako which happened to be a former Pretear.As the story develops we discover some other stuff about the main characters and of course about the negative characters.What i liked at this anime mostly was the perfect ending which was way beyond my expectations.

Animation: In terms of animation since this anime was released in 2001 we cannot compare it with the animation from nowadays but still it is well made.I wasnt expecting such a good animation since the production year was 2001.Also im a fan of the Hal Film Maker studio mostly because most of the animes that  were made by this studio and i saw i enjoyed.

Sound: The sound in this anime was very well chosen.The ending was decent but i enjoyed especially the opening song.

Characters: Theres nothing to complain related to character development.Even though it took some time to develop the main characters they were developed in a proffesional way especially the main couple Hayate - Himeno and lets not forget about Takako - Sasame.

Overall: In my opinion i find this anime pretty hard to hate but as i said this is my opinion.There werent too many animes that made me enjoy watching it so much like this one did.Its not perfect but close to perfection and i personaly think that this deserves a better rating.Once u started to watch it you will get caught in it and you wont be pleased with it until u finish it.

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10/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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RaiChan Oct 22, 2009

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