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Sasameki Koto

Dec 3, 2010

Sasameki Koto (Whispered Words)


Plot: "Shy, athletic Sumika is in love with her bubbly friend Ushio. However, Ushio is outwardly attracted to cute girls, something she never calls her friend-turned-admirer. Keeping her tender feelings a secret from the one she loves, Sumika continues to be Ushio’s confidante and companion, hoping that someday she can say how she feels. Whether it’s having a first kiss, cooking a meal or confiding in each other, Sumika, Ushio, Tomoe and their friends will experience the everyday joys of a quiet school life and touching romance together." (site synopsis)

Story: Oh gawd, another yuri anime, what shall i do! I just can't seem to dislike the genre, but sometimes i tend to dislike the authors that make these shows. Sasameki Koto began in a way that i never seen in other yuri anime shows (and believe me I've seen a lot of them, almost all available until now). At the begining i felt an angst atmosphere, everytime Sumika was around Ushio, a tense atmosphere was begining to develop. The reasons are obvious from the synopsis, Sumika is in love with Ushio but her shy nature and her loyalty to her friendship with Ushio forbids her from confessing her feelings to her. Another reason could be that, a step forward might put their relationship in danger, a thing which is common in modern society, after all these types of relationships are seen with bad eyes by society even nowadays. As Ushio's friend Sumika hangs around her, supports her, scolds her like any good friend should do but she also has to resist her habit of falling in love with every girl she conciders cute, which is Ushio's weakness. Her habit will become Sumika's nightmare, she will have to fight against her jealousy and at the same time support her or sometimes prevent her from making decisions that might hurt her. Even though they've been friends for a long time, they do not have any common things. While Ushio is much more girlish, having a taste in fashion, cooking skills Sumika is more of a male than a girl, exceling in martial arts, having perfect marks at schools, being a model student, absolutely no taste in fashion and not much interest in stuff that usually girls like and appreciate. However, appearences usually betrays in these situation because when they are apart, both of them yearn for eachother. I came to the conclusion that this is not a one-sided love relationship, in other words a show that will keep an ongoing melodrama for 13 fucking episodes but rather a show where the protagonists are unaware of the feelings of the person they actually love. The first half of the series is mainly concentrated on Sumika's feelings towards Ushio while in the second part Ushio's feelings start to come to the surface too. An important issue that probably played a vital role for Sumika and Ushio was also the discovery of another yuri couple, Miyako x Tomoe. Sumika and Ushio witness the two kissing while the other two late on witness the same thing but this time vice-versa, even though it was a misunderstanding the feelings of the two were obvious. A comedy moment in this show is actualy the creation of the Girls Club, featuring the couple Sumika, Ushio and Akemiya (disguised as a girl named Akemi). I liked the fact that this show wasn't filled with angst, like it tended to be at the begining, instead it managed to pull itself toghether by introducing some comedy elements. Unfortunately the show ended without making a conclusion leaving the feelings between Sumika and Ushio on a clifhanger. I hope that there will be a second season for this show, because it really has some potential.

Animation and Sound: In terms of animation, no complaints regarding the quality and the directing was good. The only complaint i actualy have is regarding the character design which at times tends to be low quality, deformed. Minor detail though since the actual design was very well made, the design of the characters managed to define their personality as well. The sound around averageness, not that good but not that bad as well, not memorable unfortunately and also something that I won't really listen.

Characters: If only the characters were so good as the story...i kinda feel bad about rating it only 7 but i guess i have to. Yeah, this show feature a nice character development, with enough background information about most of them (the important ones especially that played a certain role in this show). What completely made me unsatisfied was actualy the fact that Ushio and Sumika's development was completely cast away at the end of the anime. Of course some people might come to me and tell me that i should just read the manga, well its not the same thing. The purpose of the anime after all revolved around these two girls and i at least expected this to come up to a conclusion even though it would've been a lame one but no, they left it on a clifhanger as if it never was a main focuse in this show.

Overall: Sasameki Koto is a show that is definitely not suitable for everyone. You either hate it for love it, thats one of the reason why i am not recommending it. Despite the negative issues i mentioned above, i enjoyed it even though i wished for more. Yuri fans might like it to a certain point. My only hope is that this show might get a second season in the future since there is plenty of material to adapt, but stuff like this are decided not by material but by profits ( Aoi Hana is a good example).

~Enjoy and Cya Around~

8/10 story
9/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
7.8/10 overall
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Lurddoc Jan 31, 2011

Good review. My only complaint was the cliffhanger. Hopin' for a 2nd season, lol.