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Princess Lover!

Aug 5, 2010

Plot: "One day, after a visit to his parents' grave, Teppei Arima spies a damsel in distress, and nobly saves her from a gang of thugs. Relieved and grateful, she introduces herself as Princess Charlotte Hazelrink. Thinking nothing more of this, Teppei soon receives a surprise call from his grandfather, informing him that he is the heir to the Arima business empire and therefore one of the richest men on the planet! Teppei is introduced to his personal maid, Yuu, and various blue-bloods, among them his arranged fiancee, Sylvia - a fencer with a tongue as sharp as her blade. At school the next day, Teppei meets more new faces, including the snooty Seika Houjouin, and - much to his surprise - Princess Charlotte Hazelrink. Still awkward and uncouth, Teppei must somehow adjust to high society. With girls purusing him at every turn, however, that may be the least of his concerns..." (site synopsis)

Story: Princess Lover! eh? only from the title we can already imagine a sweet romantic show filled with comedy and some rare but dramatic moments. As many of you know this anime show is inspired from an eroge visual novel and yeah, it doesn't lack ecchi themes as well. Not having much of a story, Princess Lover! is centered on a young high-school boy named Kobayashi Teppei. He, toghether with his parents were living a peaceful life until one day when both of his parents died, apparently in an accident but later is revealed that they didn't die in an accident, apparently they were killed by someone. After the death of his parents, Teppei is sheltered by his grandfather which is the leader of the Arima Corporation, one of the most influent companies in the world. Suddenly from a average teenager he becomes the successor of one of the most prospere companies. On his way to Arima Hills, Teppei encounteres a carriage pursued by some unknown people, willing to capture the person inside it. Teppei saves the girl from the pursuers, and she introduced herself to him as Charlotte Hazelrink which later it is revealed that she is the Princess of the Kingdom of Hazelrink. But wait, this won't just be the story of one couple, we are talking about a harem here for god sakes. At the party that Arima organized for his successor, he introduced to Teppei another girl, Sylvie van Hossen, which later is revealed that she is Teppei fiancee (sweet joy, sweet surprizes). However deep inside Teppei lies the will to take revenge, to find out who was the one that killed his parents and what were his reasons. This is one of his reasons why he joined the Arima Corporation but before that, he needed to get some allies. His life is always filled with surprizes, the cheerful Charlotte, shy Sylvie, comforting Yuu and the straight-forward Seika, all of them became Teppei's friends however all of them were willing to become more than just "friends". Nice, nice wondering with who will fall in love in the end. To Princess Lover! fans, this is not over yet. Another 2 OVAs have been confirmed to air this coming Fall, however those will be adult-orientated episodes, pretty much doubt that it will have any connection with the main story, though i still have hopes.

Animation and Sound: To be honest i pretty much liked the animation of Princess Lover! usually all anime inspired from visual novels have a nice animation design and character design. The characters were designed perfectly (meh the females abit too fan-services but its not something that i hate, not at all, i actually LOVE it) the backgrounds as well. In terms of sound, i wasn't really impressed, the sound was a perfect fit to the scenes and the mood but not a perfect fit for my tastes in music actualy, same thing goes with the soundtracks as well.

Characters: One thing i have to say about characters, all of them, and i mean all of them were damn funny, Teppei with his perverted personality, Charlotte when she was flirting, the moments when Sylvie was getting shy. There wasn't much development about them, except for Teppei, Sylvie and Seika, the rest of them were poorly developed, however this minor detail didn't stop me from enjoying this show.

Overall: All in all Princess Lover! in my opinion worths a watch. Fans of ecchi animes or harem fans will enjoy this one for sure, since it kinda contains everything a good comedy should have. Can't wait for the 2 OVA's though!

~Enjoy and Cya Around~

7/10 story
10/10 animation
7/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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Azndragon Oct 15, 2010

OMG The "But it's fun riding you like a horse" picture just made me pop a boner :O