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Sound of the Sky

Apr 8, 2010

Plot: "Kanata Sorami, a young Private in the army, arrives in Seize to serve in the Clocktower Fortress and learn the trumpet under the tutelage of Master Sergeant Rio Kazumiya. Though peace hangs uneasily over the world, Kanata finds a relaxing routine of laundry, shopping, and trumpet practice greets her at her new post instead of brutal drilling and discipline. With help from the other members of the all-female 1121st Platoon, Kanata finds her place in the bustling city, bringing joy and humor to the war-weary residents while learning a great deal about the world." (site synopsis)

Story: Well, well been a while since i last wrote a review here, some people may wonder where i was but this doesn't really mather anymore, i came here today to make this reviews so i can pay my respect and show gratitude towards this anime series titled as Sora no Woto. To be honest when i picked it back in January i really did not have high hopes for it, i thought that it would be something similar to K-On! which i kinda liked as well but this anime proved me that i was wrong, infact out of all the animes that aired during the Winter 2010 this one was one of the most controversial one mainly because many people thought that it would be like K-On! but with a setting similar to Valkyria Chronicles, so it's first nickname was Valkyria K-Onicles. Another reason why i picked this is that i wanted to prove to those people that talked bad about this show that they are wrong, i mean you can't judge the book from it's cover, who knows what hidden gems u can find inside. I have to say that Sora no Woto won the award of the most surprizing anime in Winter of 2010 and also the anime with the most beautiful ending in my opinion. Nevertheless, the story of this show is centered on a young Private girl named Sorami Kanata who enroled in army for various reasons. She arrives in Seize and she must serve the Clocktower Fortress for the sake of learning how to play the trumpet, teached by her senpai, Rio Kazumiya. All the people that serve the Clocktower Fortress were only girls (one of the reasons why this anime is so similar with K-On!), a total of 5 girls, 2 of them i mentioned above the others are the Captain, Filicia Heidemann, Kannagi Noel which happens to be the mechanic of the squad and Suminoya Kureha. There is not much to tell about the story here, this show concentrates more on character development more than story development but it doesn't leave it unclear as well. Even so Kanata enjoys the life doing normal stuff and not something related to military activity however peace hangs uneasily over the world and the war is again knocking at the door and for sure things wont remain the same until the end.

Animation and Sound: Superb animation, i pretty much liked how the background was designed and the setting as well, it was really good and surprizing, the character designs are not that uncommon unlike the background design the character design does not exceed in almost anything however they are not bad as well just that they are kinda forgetable. The thing that made this anime brilinat in my opinion is the sound, the opening song, the ending song, the background sounds and also the trumpet plays were absolutely fabulous, i never seen sthing like this in an anime (probably only in Nodame Cantabile but slightly different since there were orchestras and opera aspects there). In terms of sound giving it a mark lower than 10 that is a complete unfareness.

Characters: The same like in K-On! the characters are very funny, hilarious, they really do not put much effort so they can make you laugh yet they still succed. The personality of the characters from Sora no Woto are extremely similar with the ones from K-On! even though this two animes were produced by different studios. Another thing that i liked about this show is that the characters are not just simply ways of entertainment (like they were in K-On!) they also have a past covered in sorrowful, dramatic experience which makes the story abit more spicy, abit more interesting.

Overall: As an overall, Sora no Woto is definitely an anime that really worths watching. Its funny, its entertaining, its interesting at some points, its enjoyable and intriguing near the ending. Episode by episode this anime amazed me more and more and the ending of it was like the cherry on the cake, really briliant, couldn't be better. I recommend this show to everyone.

And a few videos:

Here is the OP of this show (I prefered the Official Video rather than AMV):


8.5/10 story
9.5/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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saladin92 Apr 3, 2011

thanks for the addtional screenshots. I found this hot chick with trumpet from somewhere and found out she belong to this anime... being a trumpet player myself, and involved slightly in a marching band, I think i just have to watch this as well as the specials

Raylord Jan 23, 2011

 you took the words from my mouth great review

Newtti Apr 24, 2010

Was nice.Not much action though.

atticusblackwolf Apr 9, 2010

I agree! This is one of those gems you find when you don't expect it. I started wathing it a few weeks ago and I'm about halfway through. I kept putting it off thinking that I wouldn't like it.. I was surprised when I ended up liking it so far. I'm looking forward to see whyat happens next....Unfortunatly college exams are in the way LOL.

So-ra-no-to is diffenately one of the animes I will suggest to friends!

Kari5 Apr 8, 2010

Wow, I didn't think anyone enjoyed it that much xD