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Uta Kata

Feb 12, 2010

Plot: "On the day before summer vacation, Ichika discovered an old mirror in an old school building. From within it, the mysterious Manatsu looked out and offered to trade favors: if Ichika will do her "homework" (experience the power of the spiritual life forces and write about her feelings) then she will return the charm that Ichika has lost. As Ichika struggles to absorb the raw power of nature, those who watch from the other side of the mirror eagerly await her decision at the end of trials. Can a 14 year old take on the sins of the world and mend the rifts between nature and humanity?" (site synopsis)

Story: Being a fan of shoujo-ai animes i decided to give a shot to Uta Kata which recently came in the center of my attention especially after i watched Kiddy Grade and the animation of both of this series seem quite alike, and as well the character designs. Many people might wonder, what the hell the title means, well Uta means "poem" and Kata means "fragment" in other words, "poem fragments. What amazed me, well uhm not quite amazed, what surprized me is that this series actualy doesnt have a bad side, or a real antagonist, and whats more is that the synopsis made for this anime in anime-planet is totaly messed up and i completely disagree with it, because of it i was about to drop this anime because it seemed really confusing, the premise says one thing but the anime itself does another thing. It got pretty annoying and i was actualy thinking what the heck could it be about. Lucky for me that i also checked the official anime-planet review and everything cleared up so i continued watching it until the end. Uta Kata managed to catch my attention, keeping me captivated until the end, it really raised my interest because it seemed pretty distinctive compared to other typical animes that actualy have a main villain/antagonist or at least a bad side. The story of Uta Kata is centered on a teenage girl named Ichika. One day when she toghether with her school mates were asked to clean an old building, Ichika discovered an old mirror which seemed kinda strange. What's even more strange is that from that mirror a mysterious girl named Manatsu came out and made an offer to Ichika, more like to trade favors: if Ichika will do her "homework" (which is to write down the experiences that she feels while using the spiritual life forces, the power of Djinn) then she will return the charm that has been changed when Manatsu came out from the window (the synopsis tell that the charm was lost, infact the charm changed, it wasnt lost, it contained the 12 powers of the Djinn and while she was using them one by one the stones on the charm were dissapearing). At the begining it seemed like a child's play, using the powers of the Djinn to bring peace and harmony to the people was the thing that Ichika wanted to do although things did not went as she expected. Another mysterious character which was actualy Ichika's neighbour, a woman named Saya, was supervising, was like watching over her, making and taking advantage of every oportunity so that Ichika will remain with no other choice than to use the powers of Djinn. Her actions were pretty much unjustified, and for what purpose was she doing this things? This question will be answered at the very end of the anime. What makes it even more interesting is that apparently the boys that were tutoring Ichika, Sei and Kai, actualy gave that charm to her and they had an idea of what was going on, were they actualy directly implicated in the story, did they know about Saya and her actions or did they knew Saya long before Ichika gained her powers? All of this will be answered by watching episode after episode and it will clear up near the end. The question is why was Ichika chosen to test this powers? Was she something like "the chosen one" or it was just a pure coincidence? This remains to discuss though im sure that this questions will make anyone feel curious.

Animation and Sound: In terms of animation as i mentioned above, Uta Kata is similar with Kiddy Grade's animation style, directing and character designs as well. The animation of Uta Kata is pretty eye catching, the colours and the scenery are used in a briliant way they are utilised at their maximum potential leaving behing a masterpiece in terms of animation. The character designs are also another topic where Uta Kata stands still, they are so innocently made, even though most of the protagonists are fourteen years old the character design make them seem even younger and another thing that caught my eyes was the wonderful "cosplay" aspect of this anime, whenever Ichika was using the power of Djinn a new costume was appearing, their design pretty much impressed me as well. Since Uta Kata is categorized as "seinen" we should expect quite abit of Fan Service but, it used quite often though not in an ecchi, perverted way though, and if i think again there was only one yet funny nude scene which remained deep implanted in my brain (everybody knows that Fan Service actualy attract mases so why not use it at least its not really in an ecchi, perverted way, because if it was it would have ruined the entire story of this anime). The sound of Uta Kata is also pretty well chose and really fits the anime mood and environment, perfect choice for the atmosphere that occures in Uta Kata, the OP and ED songs are my 2 of my favorite soundtracks as well.

Characters: One of the lowest points of this anime is actualy related to the characters of Uta Kata. We know that Ichika and Manatsu are actualy the main protagonists of this anime and aside from the side-characters this ones were actualy developed quite abit showing some things, details about their past in a slow-paced way. Ichika is probably a surprizing choice for a main protagonist, she is a person that always takes things too seriously (sometimes it is required and sometimes not, in life) and in some episodes she is told so by other characters as well. Even though she is a really weak person, physically, emotionaly and she even lacks willpower, from experiencing the power of Djinn she becomes a strong-willed person which dealt with all the hardships that she encountered while she possessed the powers of Djinn. Manatsu is everything that Ichika lacks though, she is a person that doesnt take things serious, she is strong emotionaly, she even mentioned that she is not able to cry a single tear, physicaly and she has willpower as well. Although her sudden appearance and the shallow detail that is shown about her when she actualy met Ichika makes her a quite interesting yet mysterious character. Her role was like a merely supporting character if i have to say it, she was like Ichika's confident always cheering her up and supporting her while she faced the encounters of the powers of Djinn. In the end, its revealed that Manatsu is actualy the guide that leaded Ichika to experience the powers of Djinn.

Overall: Uta Kata apparently seems to be heartwarming, nice, pretty impressing, interesting though it kinda fails, since even the synopsis for this anime here was made completely wrong (i dun even wana know who did it) it makes it even more confusing than it was. Uta Kata hardly tries to be intelligent, to impress the viewer but in the end it completely fails, though because of the circumstances of this anime and the events that occure, it makes you feel more and more curious about it, it catches your attention ending up sympathizing with the main protagonists. The thing that actualy makes this anime worths watching and it compensates for the holes in the story/character development is the briliant animation style and the nice sound of this anime. Sufice to say, in my opinion i would recommend this anime for everyone, though i forgot to mention one thing, the ending of this anime wasn't the catastrophic type though, i witnessed a shounen-ai aspect that i really did not predict (though i smelled something fishy about those two dudes, Sei and Kai from the begining) and which i damn dislike, i think that its even more disgusting than the incest theme. Anyway, Uta Kata is at least worth watching though i strongly doubt that i will ever watch it again, it will take me alot of time to remove that shounen-ai thing that i witnessed and thats because this anime really made me captivated and interested from the begining until the end.

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6.5/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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