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Plot: "In feudal Japan, Kurou and his servant Benkei are fleeing from Kurou's elder brother, who has recently ascended to the throne. In a forest, they come across a house and a strange woman by the name of Kuromitsu, who agrees to harbor them under one condition: that they do not peer into the inner chambers. Soon, they are attacked by the Red Army; they are searching for Kuromitsu, whose blood holds immortality. Fatally wounded, Kurou drinks some of Kuromitsu's blood and gains immortality along with strange abilities; but shortly after, Kurou is seemingly decapitated and wakes up centuries later in a ruined city. In this twisted future the Red Army is omnipresent and still searching for Kuromitsu’s blood, while a rebel army seeks to keep them from acquiring it. With threats at every turn and fueled by his obsession, Kurou sets forth to find Kuromitsu and seek his revenge on the Red Army." (site synopsis)

Story: Being keen of horror genre animes with fascinating animation graphics and great action scenes i came across Kurozuka which from the short introduction seemed to be show that mustn't be missed and in a way it proved to be like that but it didnt completely reach my expectations since the other horror anime shows like Mnemosyne, Kara no Kyoukai - The Garden of Sinners, Jigoku Shoujo, Blue Gender or When they Cry, Higurashi series were briliantly made in all aspects. Kurozuka nevertheless, sends what a horror anime should send, a blood bath, captivating action scenes filled with bloody scenes and some unsignificant ero-guro aspects. Anyway, the story of Kurozuka is centered on Kurou and his servant Benkei. Both of them were fleeing since Kurou's elder brother managed to obtain the throne of his country and Kurou became a wanted person. While they were traveling in the forest, they came across a strange but very beautiful woman named Kuromitsu who accepts to let them stay in her house but with one condition, that they should not peer into the inner chambers of the mansion. Even though Kurou and Benkei managed to obtain a shelter, a safe place, the Red Army suddenly attacks them. Their goal was to capture Kuromitsu and obtain her blood which hold the secret of immortality alongside with some strange yet dangerous abilities. In the battle Kurou was deadly wounded, so in order to save him Kuromitsu shares her blood with him so he becomes immortal as well and obtained some supernatural abilities but even so shortly after the Red Army attacks again and Kurou is fatally wounded again, decapitated more exactly and he wakes up centuries later in a city left in ruins, without knowing where Kuromitsu went. The short time spent with her was enough for them to develop feelings towards each other though as the story progresses, this love becomes more like an obsession since he was interfering in the Red Army's business all for the sake of finding her and save her so that the Red Army wont get ahold of her blood. Also a rebel army was doing its best to keep the Red Army away from acquiring Kuromitsu's blood. Kurou joins this faction all for the sake of meeting with Kuromitsu again. Fuled with obsession Kurou risks his life to find Kuromitsu and to seek revenge on the Red Army. One thing i have to say here, the ending of this anime is pretty confusing at the first view but if ya guys stay and think abit about it this show never intended to have a fairytale type of ending after all this blood bath. The only thing i have to say is that this anime is a very profound and interesting comment on the cyclic nature of history and eternal love.

Animation and Sound: Despire the fact that the story of Kurozuka is filled with holes and has many things unclarified, the animation is splendid, the settings and background are amazingly well made and the character designs are awsome as well. The sound is also pretty catchy which fits the anime mood and environment though what pissed me off was the disturbing ending song which was a complete fail in armonising with the anime.

Characters: The lowest point of this anime is related to the characters, how much the two main protagonists Kurou and Kuromitsu impresses us they are rather shallowy developed and not clear at all, even their supposed love relationship never came to a realization and its mostly shown as a obsession. Also even though they were in love, very few things they knew about each other they were all covered in complete darkness, mystery. Also the supporting characters were rather useless, their only role was to die in the end and then completely dissapear as if they never had a word to say, or as if they did not take part in this anime at all, in other words they are pretty forgetable.

Overall: Kurozuka didn't really reach my expectation though it sent what i expect from a horror show, blood baths, cool and intense fighting scenes. It could have been alot better if Kurou and Kuromitsu would have been better developed but sufice to say the message of the anime made it pretty clear that it wont end in a nice way. For people that are captivated of anime with bloody scenes, alot of violence and cool action scenes then Kurozuka is worth watching though for ones that expect a great story i say that you guys should think twice before watching it. Shows like Mnemosyne, Kara no Kyoukai - The Garden of Sinners, Blue Gender, Blood+, Higurashi or Jigoku Shoujo are much more intense and with a better story, which makes them even more captivating so i would recommend this more than Kurozuka. Suffice to say Kurozuka isn't too bad nor too good it all depends of tastes and how you view it in the end.

~Enjoy and Cya Around~

6.5/10 story
9.5/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
6.5/10 characters
7.8/10 overall
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babyh Feb 15, 2010

love the video's ^_^