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Sora no Otoshimono

Feb 6, 2010

Sora no Otoshimono (Heaven's Lost Property)

Plot: "Ever since Tomoki was a boy, he’s dreamed that the girl he loves vanishes into the sky. However, while he’s convinced it’s just a dream, his classmate Sugata is convinced that it’s related to an alleged ‘new continent’ that’s floating around the planet. According to Sugata’s calculations it’s set to pass above their town at midnight, and sends Tomoki to check it out. Little did Tomoki know that at that moment, a scantily-clad angel would fall from the sky! Calling herself a pet-class Angelroid named Ikaros, she promises to fulfill Tomoki’s every wish. Now, Tomoki is able to manipulate panties and do equally as perverted things with ease; but what is Ikaros really here for, and are her motives as pure as they seem?" (site synopsis)

Story: The story of this anime, if its right to call it that way, its centered on a perverted high school student named Sakurai Tomoki. Even since he was a kid, he dreamed that the girl he loves dissapears into the sky, however as time passed he was convinced that this was just a dream and he should put much thought in it. Until one day when he slept in class and when he woke up his classmate Sohara Mitsuki, an apparently innocent, loli, hot girl with oversized boobs caught him crying asking him if he had that dream again. Forced to ask for help, he goes to his senpai Sugata Eishirou, though his theory that Tomoki's dream is related to the "new continent" that he was talking about, its pretty much unbelievable, without common sense apparently. But even so Sugata sent Tomoki to a place where according to his calculation the "new continent" will pass at midnight. The event that happened there was a big surprize especially for Tomoki, he witnessed a person with angelique wings falling from the sky. After they escaped the person introduced herself as a Angelroid named Ikaros and she also promised to fulfill all of Tomoki's perverted and weird wishes and not having the right to deny his wishes, in other words Tomoki became the master and Ikaros the "slave". From here on a mindless, pointless, plotless, perverted scenes that will make you laugh your insides out will begin. From manipulating panties (infact this is the first time i see pants flying and i said to myself, "if i seen even this, then i think i've seen it all") and other perverted stuff, such as messing around with Sohara, his childhood friend, there is not much left of the story of Sora no Otoshimono. The question comes now, is Ikaros really who she claims to is, is there more about her mysterious past and sudden appearence? well what i have to say is that like most of the hardcore ecchi animes, which are plotless and pointless this one has a dark side as well, the plot is sacrificed completely for the sake of Fan Service its pretty rare, rather shallow, it will take place near the ending and for sure its abit rushed and unfinished (leaving an opening for a second season probably). What i have to say is that the first season of Sora no Otoshimono was unique, the first time i see an anime where a perverted dude can manipulate pants and make them fly, one of the few animes that really made me burst into laughter many timez, making me forget that the anime isn't completed yet and i truly have hopes for a continuation of it otherwise it would be just a complete waste!. A DVD episode of Sora no Otoshimono (the 14th episode of the series) will be released somewhere around June i think, so this is not finished yet though (the content of that episode might be abit pornographic so 18+ please).

Animation and Sound: Nothing much about animation, typical for perverted animes, a dude with a face where you can easily predict his desires, a hot, innocent yet violent girl which bursts into flames everytime Tomoki does perverted stuff, a typical nerd eager to find out more about the "new continent", a weird, mysterious character which falls from the sky eager to fulfill her master's wishes, meh nothing much you, the animation is above average in my opinion, way better compared to other shows. The sound is quite nice it fits the atmosphere of the anime, and if i remember well the soundtracks were pretty nice as well.

Characters: There's not too much information about the characters, since the story/character development is mostly sacrificed for the Fan Service aspect of this anime, though it isnt left completely unsolved. Stuff we know about is the friendship between Sohara and Tomoki, they were childhood friends actualy, some shallow information about Ikaros and more about them will be revealed near the end.

Overall: I find Sora no Otoshimono pretty entertaining, extremely funny, weird at some points, in other words damn enjoyable and something that will make you burst into laughter. For the fans of ecchi animes this is a must to watch, though i would recommend it for everyone. I really hope for a continuation of this it would be a real waste to leave it like it is now since it was really nice.

~Enjoy and Cya Around~

5.5/10 story
7.5/10 animation
6.5/10 sound
5.5/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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