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My All-Time Favorite Anime (Read Description!)

Those that wish to use this list as an anime recommendation do so without worries. This is basicaly my encyclopaedia of anime series, movies and OVA series that I enjoyed throughout my 10 years of relentless anime viewing. Now to clear up some misunderstanding: 1. I consider the 8 Kara no Kyoukai movies as a movie series. Even though I placed them in a preferential order, all the movies you can consider them as a series. In other words, all the movies occupy no. 1 for me. If you wish to start counting after that, consider Nana as no. 2. 2. Same issue applies with Maria-sama ga Miteru (all 4 seasons). I consider them as a whole and not taken separately. I just placed them sort of randomly (with the 4th at the top). 3. There are some series from which I only listed a season. This is just based on mere preference as well as there are series with weaker seasons. I just placed the one that I consider the best in the list (i.e. Zero no Tsukaima F, Inuyasha: The Final Act). 4. The order of the series is not that accurate. There are way too many to make a proper order. What you need to know though is that as you descend to the end of the list, the preference level also goes down. Most of the series I listed at the top are those that I cherish the most and that are virtually completed (not left in a clifhanger or something like that). Sure, there are others that are finished and that are placed lower but that is a question of preference. Enjoy it. P.S. Both the list and description are the subject of periodical update.
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