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Poem: Man - A God or a Slave?

13 JUN

Part I - Nature ov Mankind

Man - a demigod who is competing endlessly

To reach far beyond, in gods place

Man, able to decide

Capable of giving life, and to take it

To create, to destroy.


Man, gifted with mind and inteligence

Priceless in himself is thy soul which gives him essence

And makes him stand above all

Possessing free will, conscience and reason

He can choose to be pasive but can also take action

He can choose to be in fate's hand

Or fight until thy end against death.


Being with a complex character

Sometimes he can take decisions hard to understand

But it cannot be condemned by anyone

For what he has chosen.


Framed dangerously between greatness and decadence

He can become in no time a prisoner of a miserable life

Blinded by passions, lusts, illusions

He struggles, falls and is torn apart


Part II - Within Ourselves

It is me,

Divided between Him and God

It is you,

Half white, half black

Dual beings, we have to chose a path

Nothingness or eternity

Everything divided into black and white

A strong side and a weak side

Dual being

Full but at the same time empty

Nothingness or eternity

Full of life yet haunted by death

With a mind filled with a good thought

But with a way ahead which leads to an assured grave

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