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KiraRin Oct 19, 2009

I bet you say that to all of the reviewers :p

I seem to find that my tastes differ from a lot of people, probably due to a love of the easier to dislike genres: ecchi and mindfuck. Then again, I will happily sit down and watch *anything*.

As to recommendations... kinda difficult as you've not filled out your watched list... though it is quite sad when you calculate how much of your life you've spent on animu. If you like random humour, Yakitate Japan is one show I'm pimping as hard as possible, as I find it absolutely hilarious! Otherwise Ga-Rei Zero is some fun mindless violence, or Amenaideyo! is some fun ecchi action.

Hope these help :)


KiraRin Oct 19, 2009

Thank you for your kind words on my review :)

DearS was utterly terrible, and thats coming from someone who usually adores ecchi. I just watched Shuffle recently, and it was absolutely great! Exactly how a show should be done.

Unfortunately, a cruel bet currently has me watching Bobobo with a group of friends. If you want truly terrible, Bobobo is it...