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March 26, 2014

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Tatakai avatar Tatakai


Feb 5, 2011

Per your comment

If you look at it from a slice of life perspective, its story revolves around this love triangle.  I saw this relationship but did not consider it much of a story.  In hindsight, I should have worded it better, but my opinion of the show remains. I see how a review at 7 eps may seem preemptive, however there were no reviews (and still aren’t any).  I was expressing my displeasure and attempting to save the time of likeminded individuals.  Should a more thorough review with a similar conclusion be posted, I will take mine down, since I didn’t finish the anime.

CommanderKarasu avatar CommanderKarasu


Dec 25, 2010

Thanks for the comment. ^^ To be honest, I was like.. dead while watching that show. It was so boring to me and I could barely get through it. ^^; But anywho, I appreciate the comment. x3

NoCheerios avatar NoCheerios

Thanks! ^_^

Dec 15, 2010

Heh yeah thanks for the comment I just added that to the end of the review because that is EXACTLY how I felt :P

Galadriel avatar Galadriel


Nov 13, 2009

hello x3 thnx for the comment you posted on Mnemosyne review but its a missunderstanding x3 my friend Rai is just beeing sarcastic all the time he wasnt serious in what he meant

~Cya around~

KiraRin avatar KiraRin


Oct 23, 2009

Sorry for the delay, I've hardly been on all week as the parents came to visit. I'm away tonight, but I'll leave some feedback for you tomorrow when I get the chance :)


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