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I''s Pure

Apr 4, 2011

I''s Pure has a typical theme.  An indecisive man going after the (what I assume) most popular girl in school.  Through miss-understand after miss-understanding the male lead try time and time again to confess his deep and undying love for this perfect girl.  His pessimistic attitude towards it all leads to some honest drama, as their emotions we would all honestly feel in his shoes.  With the help of his great friend he is continuously given chance after chance to confess his love, but alas, things just don't go his way.

The story isn't really that simple, as I truly believe the writers to this show took there time to honestly make this an absolutely fantastic watch.  The male lead is put through situations to test his courage, strength, and integrity concerning his love for the main female lead.  And she herself is put through situations that show her her true feelings.  There are some very mature themes floating along the story line, even some attempted rape a few times.  I found myself caring deeply for the female AND the male leads, hanging on every moment they shared together as if it was about to turn into something magical, and to my great joy, magical things happens.

With most animes you can predict what's going to happen and everyones reactions, typically to me this means their not the reactions I would want to progress the story in the way I would want it, but it was as if this show could read my mind giving me everything I wanted as an outcome to what was going on.

But enough of my raving on that, the shows Animation is pretty and vibrant and each character comes to life to easily without any over-dramatized facial expressions.  You'll either love this art style *I didn't at first but now it's heavily grown on me* or hate it.

Sound, tbh, I skipped the beginning and ending to get right to the show itself, so Idk for sure, so the sound score is based on the DUB voice acting which, for the most part, was great.

Characters are absotely fantastic.  The best friend put me off at first because of his looks, but he's completely awesome.  He says and does all the right things you'd want a friend to do and looks damn cool doing it.  The female friends don't get much air time till near but the few times they showed up they were decent enough.  But the main male and female leads really shined through.  There relationships growth kept me coming for more and more, causing me to watch this all in one sit in.  You never really know what's on the main females mind, but one things for sure, her faces give her away more then her words ^.^  There's also a child hood friend who has a major crush on the male lead and she plays a strong part for the first half.  She's incredibly likable and I bet a lot of people will enjoy her a lot, personally, I was glad of what she does as she really does make things more interesting even though I was rooting for the main female lead :)

Over-all, one of the best romance animes you'll probably come across, Highly Recommended! :D

9/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall

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Gakorak Nov 23, 2011

I probably should stop writing reviews while smoking a j lol

MOJ Jun 18, 2011

I'll take your word for it. I like your review too. Its honest.