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ThePatches avatar ThePatches

Thanks! ^_^

May 3, 2012

Thanks for commenting on my Nisemonogatari review! ^_^

My issue wasn't with the ecchi content, but that it got in the way of the story. Ostensibly, Nismonogatari like it's prequel are about Araragi learning how to deal with all these different life situations. Pausing to play an awkward punishment game that's got little bearing on the plot seemed like a poor use of the available time in that episode and the arc as a whole.

SadisticTendencies avatar SadisticTendencies

Thanks! ^_^

Sep 11, 2011

Thanks a lot for your comment on my review of ehrm... Ikoku... Meiro no... something. I didn't think people actually read user reviews so it made me glad to see your comment^^

faizdanyal avatar faizdanyal

Thanks! ^_^

Apr 23, 2011

Thanks a lot, Gakorak for addoring my first ever anime review that I have done. Although this is my first take on reviewing and as always, first-timers like me are not proffesional reviewers that will wow users around the world, but with your praise, I am really gearing up and become motivated on doing more reviews in the future.

Once again, Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu!

Roman avatar Roman


Apr 17, 2011

Oh shi-!  XD

SadisticTendencies avatar SadisticTendencies


Apr 9, 2011

Thanks for the comment! To me 'Freezing' was nothing more than women with abnormally large breats fighting eachother. I don't like ecchi, so that may explain why I disliked it.

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