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Hey guys love anime planet and im always looking for new fun anime to watch... I just recently watched Rosario to Vampire and damn all i can say is that was one of the best animes iv watched in a long time if anyone has anymore good "love/Romance" animes send me some id love to check them out...

Ps: In case you havent noticed im a big fan of "love" animes lol.

My Favorite anime:

1. Rosario to Vampire

This is the latest anime iv watched and all i can say is people if you havent watched it watch it and if you have... watch it again this maybe a very short series but like Please teacher is one of the best short series iv seen in a long time.

2. Shuffle!

Personally one of my most favorites iv watched this anime at least 3 times i am always just watching random episodes of it now lol its one of the best animes, it has a very good storyline... let me rephrase that awsome storyline if you havent watched it check it out you won't regret it.

3. Suzuka

Just finished watching this one and all i can say is wow that one is one of the most loving and caring animes iv seen in a while it makes you want to feel sad honestly it makes you so sad and thats why i love "love" animes.

4. Myself; Yourself

Now this one no lie made me feel so sad it was a very well thought out anime with a compelling storyline i honestly have to say it was short but its worth a watch for any person who is into sad story love animes.

5. Clannad

I can say this this anime was awsome so well put together i wanted to put this anime higher on my list but i just couldnt it was to hard but if i could i would make this my number one.

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ApophisJon Jun 20, 2008

well, im only a little bit behind you, and i watch several small series at once, not a one big one and hard-core through it. otherwise it would seem like work, not leisure. 

anyway, ya... my host family sent me a letter and they wrote Canada , Kanada. i lol'd

ApophisJon Jun 14, 2008


You know......

also, watch "Murder", go to VeohTV and type "Murder (1964), it's old, but kicks ass. it shows different ways this guys merder is solved, and in one version hes a vampire, we are watching it in games club for the lulz. 

sothis Feb 6, 2008

You need an avatar! ^_^

2007digitalboy Jan 28, 2008

h wow, you watched it and everything! You and I are officially pals, haha! well, if you want more shows from me, just glance through my profile and check out the stuff I rannked highly ~_^ Though I warn you, I watch some weird stuff, ha!