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There and I called in wow it's something James what would you say what’s the first thing a young woman should do I think they’re one of the things she needs to do is I'm do like Jennifer said and that's to consider options talk to her family and friends arm sometimes it's not available in and then if adoption is the direction she wants Togo to I'm to call it a couple different services listen to the status that you can share with us James about adoption because it seems to me that the woman who would put their children up for adoption would be teenagers is that accurate I think that’s one of the myths in adoptions a from our statistics are about 11 percent of the women that we work with are under the age of 18 the rest are I’m the book for the Safer Colon  women that we work with urn between No 18 in 30 really yes the other thing I was reading it says that to a lot of them are married and already had children our statistics are 31 percent of our clients have been married to place their children for adoption lessons that is this site is not know this do you tell me I was asking you during the commercial break do you ever feel Bangor two words year adoptive parents ID II south towards both sides but that was then and that was for years but I can understand where that was coming from we have finally figured out he just came from the uniqueness that can have a situation for me and sell you know with the biracial past the head be in a situation where there was all whites seen this about blacks in a min situation where there's all blacks seems about right and I was like man it's true so I was kidding around everybody's ball you know and it wasn't until I really figured out that you know hey we do have our differences but deposited not make it you know seltzer and I was carrying around all the stuff and its barometer and Adam you'll be in the scale for other stuff because I was living on both sides so...

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