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When he gets his understand what's going on C but that you know arm I again you know I and united in the music business on and off for twenty years more I got I actually did well on the road trip four years I was you know that was three years one stuff like that in I in my early life arm when I was a kid when Safer Colon I got married when on the road little bit and it was never like you know there was never that opportunity are not that it was it was not saying that it wasn't dumb on our own fault for not trying hard enough because you know that those you know the work ethic I don't know whatever cyst situations I had a really good band ice angel arm and it had San issues I mean I was with the singer the singer was my girlfriend and quarter in bed with the keyboard player and now is pretty bad thing up also we have this link it yeah we had this like Fleetwood Mac thing going on arm you know like that kind of thing and it just ended up destroying the band in the van was had potential so who knows what could have been but at you know I mean I was always peripherally there in the living at it arm recording I record bands to have a recording studio I used to do live based actually do it for two years I did for a living straight are recording other people's music on but then it just dried up and I needed to I lost a lot of money and smite getting my personal life but I want to things.

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