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hm, hm...what to say 'bout me.....I'm a little freak (often heard that, so I guess it must be true XD), I'm in a good mood (nearly) all the time and I love to sleep ;)

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What?! No anime ratings?

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FireFlower Mar 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Fuu!

KatDJZ Feb 28, 2009

Happy Birthday! ^_^

wolfangel87 Nov 8, 2007

Hey!  I saw that you used to post in the forums, did you know with the new customized siganture feature that you can link you profile and it would be a lot easier for people to get to know you better!

VivisQueen Sep 22, 2007

Wilkommen zur Anime-Planet! Als ein Kind, wohnte Ich in Deutschland fur sechs Jahre. Ich will in der Zukunft in Deutschland mein Masters studieren. Ich hoffe dass es in ordnung ist mein Deutsch auf dir zu uben. Okay, switching back, ignore any stupid grammar or spelling issues. That's as good as I get. Yeah, I hope to go back to Germany for a bit some time soon, back to the place I grew up as a child and first fell in love with anime like Mila Superstar, Georgie, Lady Oscar and Saber Rider on RTL2. :) PS. Fill in your Top 5!!!

sothis Jul 24, 2007

Your avatar is pretty! What's she from?