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Think it is about time I put up a proper intro.

You have now entered the Funkgun-FunZone.  If you are a smart lad or lass, I might warn you of excessive brain freezing that goes on in these parts.

First it is ever so tastey, then it starts to hurt.  place index fingers to the sides of your nose. Let the mind warm up.

 You're all better now.


As for me, been watching anime since the mid 80's.  (chopped up and kiddy friendly)  then watched it propper uncut in the early 90's. I have seen anime on everything from a betamax, to LD, to a VHS with no subs and a the subtitles written down for me on reams of paper having to match lines of dialog with the counter on the machine.

I have been on clubs, taken years for breaks and seen a lot of titles. I have gone through binges of anime, and droughts.  I have drained precious cash on silly trinkets of my animation ambition.

It has been a heck of a ride.

Thanks for your time. if you wish a refund on the time for reading this, send me a PM requesting it... I shall bring it before the elders in my head then if so prompted I will reach through dimentions and time and rewrite this synopsis. =D

ok... so now we are done.

ps. I am married to

Had to drag her into anime...

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IDoNotHearSuchATruth Sep 4, 2009

Actually, this current avi isn't Phoenix Wright related. I was planning on changing my avi to another Phoenix Wright one, but I was in the mood for some twincest instead. *cough*

Yes, Kanon is my favorite out of the three. Kanon was actually was the first subbed, not on American television, anime I saw (thanks to a friend who gave me a brick of... "aquired" anime). I fell in love with it. I don't don't know if I saw it later I would have liked it as much, but I ended up buying it, and it'll always hold a special place in my heart. <3 Air was actually disapointing watching it after Kanon.

I haven't seen any of your top ten.... I... haven't even heard of a few of them. XD I caught an episode of Lupin III and Ghost in the Shell on TV once, but I can't recall much of what happened. >_>

IDoNotHearSuchATruth Sep 1, 2009

Why so sadly? Random's nice. Keeps the world more interesting. :D

The game was actually pretty well known around the Phoenix Wright fandom when I was browsing it, and I don't think the game's too obscure. My previous avi was actually Phoenix Wright related too. Thought I'd keep up with the theme. Finally cleaned up my profile and updated recently, though. But now that I'm posting comments, I feel bad for making your comment page so yellow...

Omurqi Aug 30, 2009

Ye, thats why I watched it in the first place :P The rants about it from Kira (and some YouTube reviewer I'm following) were shockingly accurate :P

IDoNotHearSuchATruth Aug 29, 2009

Haha, no it's fine. I just never expected anyone to actually see it, let alone respond. XD

My profile may not seem particularly welcoming, but random comments are always welcome. 

I don't mind people looking through my list and at my... kind of weird scoring... I should probably rethink some of those scores... also... I guess it's good I put a simple blog rather than something weird. >_>

And the username is a line from some poorly translated Phoenix Wright H "game" I've never even played, but just reading quotes made me lol. Out of context, it actually doesn't sound too bad. XD

Nice to know if I blog my questions, someone will answer them, haha.  

IDoNotHearSuchATruth Aug 28, 2009

Really? Though I guess that's what tags would be for... never thought about them. :B I'm going to have to resist reading through other blogs to see what people say about my favorite shows now.

Wait.. how'd you find my blog anyways? *notices 'user' tage and clicks on it* Newest Comment? Recent Blog? I can't help but feel some privacy is lost. I mean... I know it's public and all... but still...

J-just ignore my ridiculousness.