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Think it is about time I put up a proper intro.

You have now entered the Funkgun-FunZone.  If you are a smart lad or lass, I might warn you of excessive brain freezing that goes on in these parts.

First it is ever so tastey, then it starts to hurt.  place index fingers to the sides of your nose. Let the mind warm up.

 You're all better now.


As for me, been watching anime since the mid 80's.  (chopped up and kiddy friendly)  then watched it propper uncut in the early 90's. I have seen anime on everything from a betamax, to LD, to a VHS with no subs and a the subtitles written down for me on reams of paper having to match lines of dialog with the counter on the machine.

I have been on clubs, taken years for breaks and seen a lot of titles. I have gone through binges of anime, and droughts.  I have drained precious cash on silly trinkets of my animation ambition.

It has been a heck of a ride.

Thanks for your time. if you wish a refund on the time for reading this, send me a PM requesting it... I shall bring it before the elders in my head then if so prompted I will reach through dimentions and time and rewrite this synopsis. =D

ok... so now we are done.

ps. I am married to

Had to drag her into anime...

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Muppet Sep 12, 2009

Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog, I had intended to do one of the shows as a review actually to submit for becoming a reviewer. AS for the the shows themselves, they can be watched out of order with one expection. Chaoitc Century and Guardian force revolve around the same characters and similiar events. Guardian force is more a second Season vs a new show. Zoids New Century Zero, Zoids Fuzors and Zoids Genesis however, can be watched without seeing any of the others. Tho they all share the same zoids, they make it friendly in the sense that they re introduce each Zoid in there own show. I'd recommend Genesis, So far its far better then the others. I'm currently half way through it myself at episode 25.

FireFlower Sep 11, 2009

I still have a long way to go when compared to you FunkGun. Hopefully we will watch again a random anime that has maybe a better ending too.

IDoNotHearSuchATruth Sep 10, 2009

Will do!

I'll probably check out Monster on SyFy too, but I can't see myself keeping up with every episode.

And yes~ play Phoenix Wright. It's actually a weird series... despite being about a lawyer... but it has interesting (if sometimes illogical) cases, and a likeable cast. Even a lot of the minor characters are likeable. Though... I also have a high annoying character tolerance, so some of those likeable characters to me, may or may not be annoying to others. >_>

IDoNotHearSuchATruth Sep 7, 2009

I was planning on watching School Rumble once, but for some reason I just never got around it. It just crossed my mind... and didn't stay, I suppose. I should look into sometime. Maison Ikkoku is a bit long, but I'll make note of it too. I try to stick with shorter series, but sometimes the longer ones tempt me. Almost watched Monster before finding the manga at my library. Well, if you can watch all of Maison Ikkoku plus 522 other anime, then I can make through Maison Ikkoku!

About Kanon, I saw the 2006 version. 2002 is only half the episodes of 2006, and while I haven't seen it, I can't imagine Kanon being cut so short. I do hear it has a little more Shiori, though... so if you watch 2006 and like Shiori a lot, you might want to check out 2002. >_>

CheshiresGrin Sep 7, 2009

Totally, I asked for an action and thats what I got. Haha and yeah, at some points I felt like pulling out my hair while saying "what the hell?!". But im glad Revy was like that, kept it interesting xD. And thanks for the tip, never thought of adding a tag. Well, the 2nd season calls ^^