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Think it is about time I put up a proper intro.

You have now entered the Funkgun-FunZone.  If you are a smart lad or lass, I might warn you of excessive brain freezing that goes on in these parts.

First it is ever so tastey, then it starts to hurt.  place index fingers to the sides of your nose. let the mind warm up.

 Your all better now.


As for me, been watching anime since the mid 80's.  (chopped up and kiddy friendly)  then watched it propper uncut in the early 90's. I have seen anime on everything from a betamax, to LD, to a VHS with no subs and a the subtitles written down for me on reams of paper having to match lines of dialog with the counter on the machine.

I have been on clubs, taken years for breaks and seen a lot of titles. I have gone through binges of anime, and droughts.  I have drained precious cash on silly trinkets of my animation ambition.

It has been a heck of a ride.

Thanks for your time. if you wish a refund on the time for reading this, send me a PM requesting it... I shall bring it before the elders in my head then if so prompted I will reach through dimentions and time and rewrite this synopsis. =D

ok... so now we are done.

ps. I am married to

Had to drag her into anime...

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blazehack says...

Thanks Funkgun san xDD I really like that last part about your bio, you're kinda model okatu you know :) someday I too will drag me kanojo in, and will continue watchin anime no matter how old it gets :D

Oct 9, 2012
Bootowski says...

Yep.It certainly wasn't the greatest, and the ending could have been more satisfying, but I feel that it deserves more positive attention than it gets.Plus, it's a short series. Not much commitment involved there. Hope you like it!

Sep 17, 2012
SadisticTendencies says...

No it's fine, it wasn't directed specifically to her but rather anyone willing to answer. I asked because I'm interested in seeing Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna but at the moment I'm too preoccupied with long series like Galaxy Express 999 to give Lupin III a try; even though it's on my "list" of series I want to watch.

Thanks for your reply, I guess I'll think things through and decide whether I'll see it or not :)

Sep 16, 2012
VivisQueen says...

Hey Funkgun,

Thanks a lot for your message, that's very kind of you. Indeed, I enjoyed Fujiko a lot and I'm now eager to see other interpretations of her in other shows. If you happen to have any recs on which ones to check out for more significant Fujiko action, rec away. :D

Sep 14, 2012
Viduus says...

That's alright, I barely use the website profile here anyways, but thank for the friending :)

Aug 21, 2012