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Oct 30, 2011

First off, claymation penis makes any claymation artsy.

Mezamero is some sort of animation project that somehow got funding in Japan, and was niftily put up on You Tube for me to waste my time on.

Stop photography shorts can come in 2 sizes. Unique, brilliant little gems that can stir the mind, sometimes leave you uneasy. The second are dreadful, overwrought, crap-fests that are better left in a project room floor somewhere gathering dust while being stepped on. This was the later.

It was not that the story mattered. After a few lines of metaphysical mumbo jumbo, we are greeted to a mixture of a naked drawn man, with a key and a (dinky) dick dangling, or a claymation man with a Devo hat, given a key... with a dick dangling. I mean, hell, if your going to show it, at least give it some girth, or length. 

Sound It was muffled and warped, might as well be listening to it underwater.

No character description is needed, just remember: odd hat and your junk on display.

And for why I really found this annoying. The Animation.  I have seen better stop photography in home made You Tube videos or the old black and white King Kong movie than this lameness. Movement was just a character shuffling around (clumsily I might add) as he carried a key.

If your going to do something artsy, at least do it well.

This is Funk, signing off, reminding you that, when you feel a breeze drifting past your package, remember to cover that shit up.

4/10 story
1/10 animation
1/10 sound
1/10 characters
1/10 overall

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