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Recap WINNER! Kare Kano!!

24 FEB

One thing that has always annoyed me from years past is the recap episode.  Ever since I first saw it, in the Macross/Robotech  in the 80's I found it to be a waste of my time.

I know, it is a good thing to have if you want to be caught up. But for those already watching, it becomes little more than a disapointing filler.

Lets recap:

In my last comments I talked about filler, and how it affected me in the 80's as a new anime fan, and how it can be helpful but is more annoying for most.

Anyhow, I swear to GOD ALMIGHTY!  Kare-kano (his and her Circumstances) has got to be the biggest user of the recap button.  I think the makers were high as a kite and had to keep reminding themselves of what they were making.

Let's recap

Recap, Annoys me, since long ago. It can help, but sucks and I had to cuss about the makers of this show using it over... and over and over and OVER again.

And it was not like they did it the same way twice. Nope, they had it in the middle of an episode, at the start of an episode, at the end of an episode, and even as an ENTIRE episode TWICE!. 

Let's recap.

Recap: Bad.  Recap: overused Recap:  The creators here snorted something, and they became a freekin broken record for recaps.

let's recap that recap.

Screw it

Deja vu I piss on you!

Oh, but without all the recaps, the show was interesting. It used millions of odd still shots, told a different style romance... and it had a problem with recaps. 

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acidstreaks avatar acidstreaks
Jan 25, 2014

Oh lord, those recaps drove me INSANE. Especially because i watched the entire anime in a day and a half (I hate stopping for like a day in between episodes, i like getting it over with and having everything fresh in my mind) but the last thing i needed was an episode and a half of recaps. 

Kari5 avatar Kari5
Feb 26, 2010

Haha, hilarious blog xD

Omurqi avatar Omurqi
Feb 25, 2010

I remember this anime leaving a bad aftertaste in my mouth because of this (you know, besides the non-ending).

Still, I absolutely adore Kare Kano for the good parts, but its flaws *shudders*

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