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The Anime Hits of 2000 - 2009 Funky-style

26 DEC

Top 35

35 Black Lagoon 

It is cheep as hell on reason, and unbelieveable as well, but faster than a pulled trigger I was hooked on this click click title.  A girl with guns never looked so good. 

34 Detroit Metal City

Brutaly funny, and twisted, did I mention twisted? 

Never have I felt more like taking a shower after such a comedy... But DMC, like a vulgar masterpiece did so with pure delight.

33 Paprika

Delving into dreams is not a new idea. But this show decides to add the spitting of your stable everyday persona, with that of your want-to be persona. A visual eye candy title with some ear and mind candy as well. (what a soundtrack) a roller-coaster ride with an unexpected romantic story as well. 

32 Neon Genesis Evangelion 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone

Shorten that first chunk of episodes to the bare bones. Update the animation, lead to a more interesting story in part 2, and make Shinji less of a wuss.  Ok, NOW we're cooking with gas.

31 Appleseed

I want a good action title, with some eye popping cg/animation and a tight story.  And can I get some good soundtrack, with basement jaxX doing the intro?  Cool thanks. 

I love it when I go in expecting the world and get the moon as well. For me this title delivered what I wanted. 

30 Tora Dora!

I actually hate Tsundre titles.  I am not a fan of a guy getting the piss knocked out of him by gender role reversal.  Or a frail weak boy attracting the toughest girl.  Luckily this show rallies against this. By evoking some great realistic relationship and tempered writing that is almost believable, it bucks my preconceived notion.  An addicting well tailored show. 

29 School Rumble

This show did literally make me laugh out loud. This is actually not an easy feat. Normally if I say something is funny, it is not because I was watching it and writhing in pain from laughing so hard.  I do not know if it was the wine or the writing, but School Rumble had some classic moments I will not soon forget. It also has some of the most intricate web of relationships the likes I have not seen since Lum. 

28 Tenga Toppa Gurran Laggan

Sometimes rebooting a genre makes for a bloody mess. Not this time. Super bots never had such a revival. it is fast furious, and stops for no fill. Each episode feels like it is importaint, and the time skip in the middle is very well done.

27 Monster

Admittedly I am watching this as it is going on SciFi, but so far it is a mind-game that is so skillfully written it would have to jump a cliff to make me dislike it. In fact the flawed characters are a marvel and once finished depending on the end, it might be higher up this list

26 Please Teacher

I am not a fan of Ecchi, I am not a fan of wimpy, I am a huge disliker of silly, and even unbelievable situations.  Why would I like this?  I have no clue, other than good timing and pace. The story of Onegai Teacher! seems to dish itself out so well, that even the most tired cleche is not so tired. In fact it almost feels new.  I can not say why exactly It found it's way to 26, but it is here, so sue me. 

25 Death Note

Rarely have I ever changed an appointment to see an episode of a show.  X-Files possibly Firefly.  Normally if I miss it, well heck, i missed it.  This show became an obsession to see how it would end. With more cliff hangers than a 30's movie serial, each episode seemed to keep me hanging with delight. Yes even after a certain character is dead.  Fun and different, a hard feat indeed.

24 Boogiepop Phantom

I love it when I can not figure out where a story is going.  I love it more when that kind of tale leaves you wanting more but not necisarrily filling in the blanks for you.  This is where Boogie does it's work.  It is almost the Twin Peaks of anime for me. 

23 Read or Die

I am not sure where this tale ever got it's funding, because it does not have a typical protagonist, story, or setting. it feels like a librarian fell into a League of Extrodianary Gentlemen vs 60's espionage TV. The whole use of paper as a power is fresh and is a super power that was not already taken by some marvel/DC character (none that I am aware of anyhow) The short story tells a lot, is full of adventure and should be in a DVD collection.  It is a great gateway anime.

22 Macross Zero

Taking into account that I am a Macross nut goes without saying, but when Macross decided to go prequel and do it right! I was overjoyed. Actually it had the "new" car scent to it, and made me feel there was a future for Macross. did I mention the animation is top notch?

21 Azumanga Daioh

For a long time I decided I was not going to watch this. It looked silly and at the time i was looking for more serious action titles like Burst Angel/SCryed.  Well that was a mistake. Both of those wretched titles do not hold a candle to a title I can leave on at my house while I am cleaning,and still enjoy parts of it as I listen. Characters that are both baffling and unique, with plenty of charm. The best absurd comedy in my book. 

20 Shingu Secret of the Stellar Wars

Lighthearted future tale set in school with kids who fight aliens.  It makes a pixar tale seem serious, yet I love how it goes about it's business. it takes a bit, but builds a cast that is genuinely likable, and feels like a summer breeze. Simple, fluffy, fun.

19  Haibane Renmei

Bellfast bombers with nitro! If I only knew how unique and cool this show would be when I watched it with a FYAB group, I would have immediately bought it. This is one of the most creative titles, because I can not even think of another title like it. It is like the lettuce in a MacDonald's commercial, Super crisp and fresh. The world created, the slower story, the overall ambiance, and somewhat dreamscape end lended it to one of the most shockingly good series I saw this year.

18 Lupin Episode 0 First Contact.

Although there has already been a ground zero in the series for TV, there really was not one that did such a in-depth, well done job as this one for showing how the Lupin gang came together.  For me I have seen a lot of Lupin specials/TV/manga/ and movies.  This one was a stand out, and was very well animated. 

17 Last Exile

When the animation actually wow's me and the story is good and the designs were carefully constructed from an art-deco era , with killer airships... Well it is like putting together a top notch BLT.  

16 Planets

There has never been a more realistic future anime I have ever seen. And guess what, it is the best culmination of character build I could have asked for. A prevolent story that could very easily be ripped from a news article a few years from now, filled with warnings for space debris, terrorist activities, and funding for space programs only dolled out to the "rich" countries of the world.   Did I mention it has a hell of a tender romance that is awesome?

15 Inuyasha...

 yeah that is right Inuyasha.  I watched all those damned episodes, the problems of having no end, the repititive ness, and the constant yelling of eachothers names, kagome!  Inuyasha!  But I can not lie and say i did not come to truly care and like the characters, and despise the bad guys.  It had everything I like in a title, from romantic triangles, to lecherous characters, to bad-ass bad guys who end up being good guys like Sesshomaru(eat your heart out Vegeta), and plenty of fights. The animation never dips much for 167 eps, and has some good highs. The intro's are passable, and the end titles were fantastic.

14 Eureka 7

I know with these last two titles I am veering into shows with plenty of pitfalls. But with great numbers of episodes comes lows.  Infact if any title can keep me watching over 40 + episodes those lows MUST have some great highs.  And damn it all if Eureka did not have some great pluses to keep me hooked

 For one, designs.  There are some pretty killer outfits those kids wear, and some mecha that are sleek and unique. Second Soundtrack. There are some tunes that can make your stereo bump. third quality. The animation for 50 episodes is top notch stuff. fully functional. 4th characters. Theres characters I love and ones I hate... And even one I hated, that they somehow made me love by the end (Anemone FTW) you evict that kind of response from me, I must dig your show. Finally, resolution; Hey, I liked the end.  A great unbelievable mecha title I still love. 

13 Eden of the East

The end may have left something to be desired, but what is there is a great espionage title that evokes All the Presidents Men/Marathon man meets The Borne Identity. I have yet to find an anime like it  other than maybe Patlabor the Movie2. tight and crafty.  Noblesse Oblige. 

12 Gundam 00

Welcome back Gundam, we missed you. Seed was little more than a mediocre title that left me with a sour taste in my mouth. Stale and chalky.

With 00, Back is the peace through lots of violence philosiphy (yeah that one still makes me scratch my head too) and the multi-hero mecha designs. Also back are the Pretty Boy Floyd characters and even a guy in a mask!   The difference though from Seed/Destiny is like night and day for a Gundam fan.

With even a story that is more close to home. With a story involving just what is terrorism, and what is freedom fighting. What is corporate greed and what is countries who have no clue what their military funding is going too. it helps to have a lot of collateral damage for us boys. 

11 Sword of the Stranger

The Samurai chop-saki spaggetti western simple tale is a masterpiece of action and fun. I love it, and have showed it to many people. It is a hell of a ride.

10 Beck

A comming of age tale about a kid making a band... Yeah not up my alley at all. But I think a lightning bolt hit me in the back of the head for this title And I fell in love with it.  it has a great soundtrack, completely believeable characters and times itself almost too good.

9 Baccano!

The Pulp Fiction of anime. Time skipping story that for the life of you, looks like it is going to make absolutely no sense what-so-ever... Wait, just wait, it will!  and with gusto!

8 Gunbuster2 Diebuster

Gainax, revisits the Gunbuster world.   Why is it that NGE gets all the glory?  Gunbuster is a fab story, a rich world created, and the new sequel is a visual masterpiece.  Cool designs, fantastic story, and a super mecha that rocks. I actually like it better than TTGL.

7 School Days

Reality bites...  like a rabid animal! Yeah you like harem?  You think harem could actually happen?  F'That. like a drum that beats ever so slowly, School days unravels into Caligula. 

6 Major

So of all the sports anime I like, Ashita No Joe usually takes the cake. This is one title That gave it a run for the money. A heart-felt baseball loving tale that follows the ups and downs of a boy born to play. 

5 Honey and Clover

Art house comedy romance?  Did I stumble across a title that blends somewhat goofy with tender relationships and a killer indie soundtrack?  Why yes I did.  and I never looked back. 

4  The Girl Who Lept Throught Time

I love anime(fluid well done even), I love a well written romance, and I love, LOVE a good time travel movie. 

So yeah, that about sums that up.  

3 Mononoke

I dig the episodic supernatural feel of a show like Twilight Zone. So when I ran across an anime that almost felt along those lines with Aykashi Classic Horror Stories and even more importantly that of the medicine seller, I just fell in love. Sadly it was only a short 12 episode series.  Much to my joy I found out there was a series dedicated to the Medicine seller himself.  A man, who is harder to figure out than instructions for a swing set at Christmas.

2 Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex  

I am hoping I can just put both series together here, although if I had to pick one or the other of the seasons, 2nd gig is just slightly better.

Cyberpunk/action/killer soundtrack/ high quality animation/ with the most complex and involving storylines.  Bang, what a show. 

1 Samurai Champloo

Look at my name... Yep it says FUNKgun, so if you put a soundtrack with bumps and thumps your going to have a happy funk. Now put it with some chops and hacks and slices and sweet as hell moves from a sword or staff you are going to make me drool.  Then for kicks place it in a messed up non-desript timeline and have it come from the maker of Cowboy bebop.  Nuff Said. Oh and did I mention it is actually a cool buddy story between three totally different individuals? 

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