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Anime to live action suggestions


Bubblegum Crisis. <---> Blade Runner.

Well Bubblegum crisis owes a lot to two live action movies. One of them is Blade Runner, and the other is Streets of Fire.  Streets of Fire, is this odd flick with a rock soundtrack about a guy who wants to get his girl back from a gang. Bubblegum Crisis having that 80's rock sountrack that follows the show was inspired on it.

But even more so it borrowed a lot from Blade Runner.  Both have a giant corperation in a dystopic future with huge buildings and set in the future.

Instead of Boomers though, you have replicants. This is the artificial intellegence that is the bad guys in both titles.

But it does not stop there. BGC also has a character named Priss. Well other than it would be hard pressed to say priss is not a name used every day in science fiction, let alone about one where the good guys have to take down AI, but it is also the name of a replicant in Blade Runner.  Anyhow, both titles are highly recommended, but could complement eachother even if the overall storyline is a bit different.

Nana <--> You're Beautiful.

Now You're Beautiful is a Korean Drama that revolves around a band. It has a bit of a reverse harrem aspect, but is a solid drama, with a well played cast. Nana, of is a story of two totally different girls living in the same apartment, and possessing the same name. Nana also revolves around a band. 

Both are romantic dramas, but also have a music punch.  Now I won't deny that I enjoyed the music from Nana moreso than You're Beautiful, but there were a few pop songs that kinda worked.


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