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The feels (a 5 Centimeters Per Second montage)

24 FEB

Well, if you have seen this video montage set to the reissue of Masayoshi Yamazaki: One More Time, One More Chance, and missed the movi... read more

My God Betty White is in EVERYTHING

22 JAN

It over joyed my heart to see that I can Love Betty White on this site. It was the most random thing I have ever seen here. But sure enough, she is a ... read more

Time Travel anime

14 DEC

After an interesting conversation in the chat, I decided to put together a list of anime that I know of that are time travel titles. Zipang! Stei... read more

Muse makes sadness


So I just got done watching more storyline in 4 minutes than some series do in 25 episodes. It is a depressing title but uplifting toward the end. I... read more

Dragon Ball Z: Atsumare! Goku World

29 OCT

This appears to be some choose your own adventure Dragonball story, or like a guessing game for us fans. Not sure how it works but it was damn strang... read more