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In business since 2001, been watching periodically since then. Or reading. Especially longer titles. Will try out pretty much anything, although I don't really seek out series revolving around same-sex relationships.

Favorite themes: redemption, atonement, mental problems not played for comedy, romances that have flaws and faults (most preferably for both parties) but work through it anyway, people doing the right thing even when the world is not idealistic, happy endings.

Least favorite themes: tsunderes, inflexible, one-dimensional reactions, an unmovable status quo, otherwise sensible characters turning dumber than bricks when love is concerned, characters whose personality you can guess just by looking at them and actually be correct, schadenfreude comedy when inflicted on undeserving targets.

Ratings based on absolutely nothing aside from personal opinion but are mostly about writing and characters since I'm not very good at spotting differences in animation or sound quality.


0.5 - Hated it enough to wonder why it even exists.

1.0 - Everything about it was loathsome. Agony to watch.

1.5 - Still firmly hated, but I can go through an episode without repeated checking of the time in hopes it'll be over soon.

2.0 - It had good ideas or at least some kind of potential, but screwed up with something else badly enough to result in a disappointment in the end.


2.5 - Unremarkable. Could watch without problems, but won't probably remember anything afterwards. Or, in one exception, absolutely loved one half of the series and hated the other half just as much.

3.0 - Alright. Not anything to write home about, but I don't regret watching it, either. Has at least some likable qualities. Could recommend them to people who just want something to watch.


3.5 - Basically, a good series, but it also had some annoying quality I just couldn't ignore which took away from the enjoyment. Or it just wasn't good enough. Still, could recommend these to people who like similar works.

4.0 - Solid. A good series through and through, could recommend them to most people. Also, since I vastly prefer happy endings, most depressing series don't rank higher than this.

4.5 - Enjoyed just about every minute. In addition to having its plot and characters together, the series also had something that appealed to me personally. 

5.0 - Mostly the same as 4.5 but also had some kind of peak moment that stuck to my memory. These are the ones I still remember years later.

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Zillia says...

Woo! I'll check that out! Thanks! :D

And I do read a bit of manga, I just don't like reading it on the computer! So what little manga I have read just means that it's manga I own in real life! Still even working through a bit. Plus there's also probably a few that I should update XD

But I always love people popping in unasked for recs :). Personally, I think the whole thing on the forum where rec threads are against the rules are a little silly. Usually there's a few specific things I want/like and want to know about those specific things :)

But thanks! I'm going to start downloading that series now. Watching Angel Beats at the moment, and I know how I get with tragic/sad animes! Too depressed to do anything, if you couldn't guess :). I'll need something to pick me up afterwards!

Sep 15, 2011
thereviewer58 says...

No death Note or Angel Beats? Look at my top Anime list(They are in order)

Sep 14, 2011
thereviewer58 says...

Hello There may I ask what your Favorite 3 animes are?

Sep 13, 2011
kargarus says...

Hey there, cheers for popping on by! I see you around the forums every now and again ^_^. Haha, thanks for the props, I think my list is a bit skewed to sci-fi but I just can't help it. So I thought, 'I'll just have a quick browse through Funari's characters', and found about 18 or so pages to peruse... :) Yeh, music's my other love - I dunno about those old covers I made, was in a creative slump last year and thought to do these covers - some of them are pretty average, a couple of them I'm happy with. So I see you're based in Finland, that's cool, I still consider myself a fan of Euro-metal. A lot of the heavier bands I like are from Sweden, Norway - early 00s there was a boom of awesome heavy music coming out of Northern Europe.

You've got some cool lists as well, some of those shows I hadn't heard of so I had a quick look at those. When I read one of your favourite themes was mental problems not played for comedy, I couldn't help but think of 'Mawaru Penguindrum' which is airing this season. There is a fairly deluded character in that show - her delusions are sometimes played for laughs however... Great show though which I've pretty much fallen in love with >.< - could be something that interests you later on. ^_^

Cheers :)

Sep 2, 2011
keitaro2 says...

Dont worry I wont ;)

Aug 31, 2011