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Ping Pong Club

Aug 16, 2011

Oh, boy... Ping Pong Club. Thought it'd be ping pong perverted humor. Was wrong. It was a show that made being a pervert a goal in life, a passion, a direction in life that makes most other series' pervs who try to peep on girls in the onsen look downright decent and upstanding citizens. No chance to molest females was left unused, no chance to gross someone out with waving your dick around was ignored. And ping pong was pretty much ignored.

And speaking of waving your dick around, I think it struck me at around episode 8 or 9. Really, the perfect metaphor to watching this show is to imagine Maeno, the guy we unfortunately see most out of everyone, leaping out of the nearest bush in front of you wearing one of those exhibitionist coats and opening it to reveal nothing underneath while screaming like a crazed, drugged-up monkey. My first reaction to Ping Pong Club was sheer shock at the levels they went to, the most shining example being Maeno and his co-pervert, Izawa, stripping naked to introduce himself to their new manager and then proceeding to shit on the floor. This handled episodes 1-4.

After that, however, the shock factor wore off and I was left with a depressingly bad, depraved attempt at comedy that ended up being shit jokes and ever-creative ways to try to feel up any woman who crossed the club's path AND succeeding at this disturbingly often with no repercussions whatsoever. In the world of Ping Pong Club's heroes, the only thing that really matters is the approval (and WAY too close camaraderieship involving sucking nipples) of your comrades-in-arms, except that they backstab each other non-stop as well, should the opportunity arise. Everyone else is just an obstacle (men) or a plaything to be groped or something worse (women). Being perverted, obnoxious wastes of space is their right, goddamnit, and no one has any right to tell them otherwise. Or have fun without them. It doesn't matter if they themselves have fun, as long as no one else has, either. Then combine this mindset with hypocrisy concerning anyone else's doings and you have something resembling Ping Pong Club. 

About 20 episodes of various disgust followed, including multiple rape attempts on knocked out and drugged women, one of which could be argued to have succeeded, something that's pretty much bestiality and as the defining vomiting point over any anime I've seen, two instances of Maeno (yet again) licking and sucking on nipples, in one case those of a 90+ year old woman, accompanied by sounds that I'd rather not talk about.

Yet no one cares until about episode 25. Actually, it seems the thing everyone's most disturbed about is the main perverts cross-dressing. The women they take advantage of continue hanging around them as if nothing happened. Their club buddies (the saner 2½ members of the 6-man club) don't get rid of them. No repercussions happen aside from the occasional beatdown that has no effect whatsoever and while I understand a certain suspension of disbelief is needed especially in comedies, Ping Pong Club rocketed past that line ages ago and kept going while throwing shit at passersby. Some of these stunts should land these guys in jail.

Okay, no more about the cast. The art is spectacularly ugly and in a couple of cases the only way to know if the characters onscreen were the pervs or random people was to look for Izawa's freckles. Also, just about everything aside from the vagina about the human form, both that of beautiful and ugly people, was shown without any restraint. I've seen enough tiny dicks to last me a lifetime after this. The soundtrack is nothing memorable, mostly the same song or two repeated over and over. Special cringe-worthy mention goes to Maeno's screaming, however. It was just as obnoxious as the character.

Any attempts at plot was thrown out after episode 7, never to be seen again, and everything after that was random episodic stories. Status quo was their god with next to no continuity anywhere, save for two people joining their crew in the beginning and Izawa's hair staying cut for about two episodes but then magically growing back.

There's humor for everyone and I'm sure there are people somewhere who genuinely appreciate a series where, I quote myself, breaking chopsticks using your ass and getting splinters stuck on it as a result is a secret move and a dude steals his buddies' money to buy butter for dogs to lick off his naked body. If this ticks your fancy, go ahead, chances are you'll love it.

As for my personal grading of this, however, this shitfest is utterly badly written with no depth to characters, no development into any direction, it shuns attempts at comedy in favor of Lick Tits At Any Cost and its worldview in general is just plain disgusting. Was wondering what to give it for a while, but it's a 1/10 and a silent moment for the decent members of the club since I hate it more than any other series that I've given this rating to. It had one good episode, but the other 25 more than made up for that. It's time to mercifully forget this for good.

1/10 story
1/10 animation
1/10 sound
2/10 characters
1/10 overall
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