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Greetings, This is the Fullmetal Cowboy, or FullmetalCowboy24 if you prefer.

I have been reviewing anime since March of 2012 and I intend on reviewing more for many, many years to come. The first anime I ever seen was Pokemon, but my gateway to anime was Neon Genesis Evangelion. Which was one hell of a start, but for my first taste in anime. Evangelion was a series I will never forget... Enough of that. What sparked my interest in reviewing anime was because I go into detail about specific animes with my friends. After a few reviews, I grew fond of this hobby. Simple as that. My Anime reviews can be also found at MyAnimeList, Hummingbird, AniDB, and deviantART.

I also am planning on reviewing more than just anime, I am intending to make reviews of Literature, Comics, Manga, Films, Television, and Video Games. going over those mediums is still in development at this time...

UPCOMING 2015 Anime Review Layout: I will be posting reviews of New Anime once they are finished, however, they will be temporary once the American release comes (if there is one in time). I give my reviews "designated numbers" for the sake of memory. The upcoming reviews for the new anime will have the "2015 Anime" designated title and number. This may sound redundant, but the reasoning these 2015 Anime Reviews are going to be temporary is because I reside in the United States and we get the Original Japanese Audio Track and an English Dub Audio Track and I like to mention both as some other Americans like to do. That is just me, you can enjoy your anime however you like.



DUB/SUB Policy: I know tbat there do exist Spanish Dubs, German Dubs, French Dubs, and other languages. But the U.S. usually carries two languages in American releases of Anime. Japanese and English. That is my policy, if you want to comment dubs other than English, I am not stopping you at all on that.



Licensed Anime Policy: I also do tend to review Anime that have been licensed. The American Distribution of Anime has been quicker than ever before thanks to streaming sites such as CrunchyRoll, Hulu, etc... Before the 2015 Anime Review update, I usually only reviewed anime that have been released and contains a Dub (if there is one). I still hold up to this with my permanent reviews.  I did make a few exceptions and I suspect I will have to make some more exceptions along the way.

~ ***Anime Ratings*** ~


10 - If I score something a "10", it is not implied to be perfect and even though I would label Animes with a 10 to be a Masterpiece. The term "Masterpiece" does not have to be under the "10" rating. How I see the 10 rating is when something clicked in all areas even with a few minor hiccups. I rarely give out the "10" rating and its only reserved for the anime I feel deserved it.

The 9 Range - This is reserved for Animes that Did extremely well but do have a minor flaw. But Animes with such a rating have stood out for me and they are animes I find excellent

The 8 Range - This is reserved for Animes that have its flaws but still are very good.

The 7 Range - This is reserved for Animes that are still good but have some problems.

The 6 Range - This is reserved for Animes that are decent but not entirely recommended.

The 5 Range - This is reserved for Animes that are pretty average and animes under this scoring range are ones I would find difficult to re-watch.

The 4 Range - This is reserved for Animes that are not really good and chances are, I really did not like them. Some guilty pleasures do land here.

The 3 Range - this is reserved for Anime that are weak and often not worth the recommendation.

The 2 Range - This is reserved for Anime that I find really bad. Any anime that lands here really failed. But are not even that close to being viewed as an abomination

The 1 Range - I don't have an anime in this label yet, but if one does, I would see it as awful that it is "so bad it's not good"

The 0 Range - I don't have any anime in this category yet, but if one does. any anime under this category are what I would view some of the worst

0 Rating? If any anime I review ever gets one, I would regard it as a "Master Piece of s**t"



What do I like in an anime?: Anything that has good storytelling, and great characters. If it is heavy with style, it depends.


What do I not like in an Anime: Any distracting fanservice, or anything that is out of focus.



That was all I had to say for my Bio, thank you for your time. Have a great day...

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sunshinechild67 says...

I hope that Mike and Bryan (the creators) continue to make other series; Avatar is one of my favorite shows, ever. I thought that the art was one area were the Legend of Korra improved on the older series; the art was a lot better in quality (even thought Avatar was well-animated) and the character anatomy was more realistic and better I thought. My problems with Korra (series not character) was the love triangle subplot and the ending, I wish they had managed to keep Amon as a villain because his storyline was interesting.

I haven't been watching as much anime lately...I'm waiting until my summer break begins to finish all the shows I've been watching/wanting to watch. Lately I've been watching Arrested Development which is a great show, have you ever seen it? Have you seen any great shows or movies lately?

May 13, 2013
Wander says...

I just used paint :3 Nothing fancy.  All you have to do is copy a picture, crop if needed and then add your text to the blank space.  

May 10, 2013
sunshinechild67 says...

Wind Waker is fun at parts, but there's a lot of sailing and it was a kind of confusing (I've only played it with my friends, I don't actually own it.) The sailing is boring though. I'm not a huge video game person, though; besides Zelda the only games I like are the Sims and the Civilization games though that's probably because I enjoy creating virtual worlds.

As for my favorite voice actors, for seiyuus I like Mamoru Miyano, Norio Wakamoto, Romi Park, Aya Hirano, and Rie Kugimiya. I've also liked Jun Fukuyuma in the roles I've seen him in, but I haven't watched as many shows in Japanese. In English I like a lot of the same ones you named but I would have to say my favorite voice actors are Steve Blum, Vic Mignogna, and Laura Bailey.

Random question, have you ever seen Avatar the Last Airbender or the Legend of Korra (the sequel series)? If you haven't you should try them out, they're very anime-inspired and they're great, though Avatar is better. Anyways the creators are huge anime fans (especially of Cowboy Bebop, they always drop nods to the series and others in the show) and they got Steve Blum to voice the villain of the Legend of Korra and he did a great job.

May 6, 2013
sunshinechild67 says...

That's nice you got that for your friend :) Who are your favorite voice actors/seiyuus by the way?

The only anime series I own are Cowboy Bebop and FMA Brotherhood, because both aren't on Netflix (it used to have half of FMA), and they were hard to find so I just figured I would buy it. I haven't actually re-watched them since I bought them, though; the most re-watch I've done is I showed a few episodes of Bebop to my friends who have never seen it. I typically only consider buying series I can't find on Netflix or Hulu which is why I haven't thought about buying the first FMA, Ouran High School Host Club, Trigun, Princess Tutu, etc, because they're fully available on both streaming sites. Of anime movies though I own quite a few more, mostly Miyazaki movies, though sadly not Princess Mononoke even though it's my favorite.

I own Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess, but I've played Wind Waker before too. Yes, Fi is the most obnoxious sidekick; she stops fights because "Master your hearts are too low!" Ugh. I did like Midna, though, she was helpful without being annoying and she actually had a personality. I haven't gotten the chance to play Ocarina of Time even though it's said to be the best Zelda game; one of my friends (also an anime fan I found out) owns it and claims it's the best video game he's played.

May 4, 2013
sunshinechild67 says...

Oh and I forgot to mention...you play the Legend of Zelda?!? I shouldn't be surprised considering how big it is among video game fans. Ghirahim would be an unexpected cosplay I think (he's a great boss though I thought.)

May 2, 2013