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Critic's Log: Earthdate - June 7, 2012. Review #7: Hetalia: Axis Powers - Paint It, White

Hetalia: Axis Powers was a funny show, it got popular enough that Studio Deen decided to make a film based on the series, end result: Hetalia: Axis Powers: Paint It, White!

I decided to watch this after watching the Axis Powers TV show, since the last two seasons of Hetalia are called "World Series". What did I think of this movie? You'll find out now.

The story has a bit of a plot. An alien race known as Pictonians have invaded the earth and they assimilate the human race and painting them white (actually they are turning people into the white colored Pictonians you see in the movie, does anyone know what I am talking about?) Only the great nations are able to stop them... if they ever stop bickering with each other. How will they stop the Pictonians? If they don't think of something, the world will be pretty much screwed.

Knowing that Hetalia is a show that has political and historical satire. Having the nations fight an alien invasion is kind of okay since this is the feature length film of Hetalia, and Hetalia doesn't give two fucks about storytelling anyway because the story is bouncing everywhere from one place to the other. If you liked The TV show, you'll like this. If you are starting with the movie, you probably have no idea what the hell is going on. Take my advice, start with the show.


I already mentioned that Studio Deen is behind Hetalia. Need I say more? Well, maybe just a couple of things. When it comes to anime feature length films, they usually have better animation than the TV show. The Animation looks 80% the same from the TV show. There are some new animation effects but not used too much. There is one other problem I had with the movie; I'll get to that in a bit.


The music isn't too special in the movie but it doesn't hurt the movie whatsoever


The quality of voice acting is nearly the same as the show, you can't go wrong with either dub or sub in this series. They are both good. I still prefer the dub.


The characters are still lovable and they haven't changed for the worse yet.


If there is one thing I could not stand in this movie... It was the recycling of scenes from the TV show. the use of having the scenes jumping from place to place worked in the TV show, because the episodes only lasted 5 minutes, but to use the same scenes and put it into the movie just to take a brief break from the action...IS A BAD MOVE! It was the most hackneyed use of getting away from the action for a little bit. If you are planning on seeing the movie, get that fast forward button ready! The main plot isn't bad, the recycling of clips from the show... IS! I think Studio Deen was being both creative and lazy when they were making this movie... I have said enough about this, so let's move on.


I just received intel that the reason behind the use of scenes from the TV show was because of a poll from the viewers in Japan. Well... I guess that is somewhat okay. But I still think it does not translate well in the movie, but since the movie is self-aware that it is strictly for the fans... My argument is now invalid.


Also, Rome's rocking out moment was both Awesomely funny and stupidly funny at the same time. Prepare to laugh your ass off because here'e the FUNNIEST ROCK OUT EVER!


If you know who The Nostalgia Critic is, I will say that this is a "Big-Lipped Alligator Moment". If you don't know who he is, then colour yourself confused.


Hetalia: Axis Powers: Paint It, White is available by Funimation. I just want to make a quick note, The outtakes are kinda funny.


With all that said, The Hetalia movie is strictly for the fans of the show (I just said that a second time). It isn't too bad. but it was a bit disappointing that some of the time of the movie was wasted on scenes that were recycled from the show (again my argument is invalid). If you are watching this with friends, you and your friends will have fun with this.


I give the Hetalia: Paint it White! a 7 out of 10, it is GOOD!


?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
7/10 overall
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